Friday, February 14, 2014

Part excited, part afraid...

So, I thought I’d have major news to share this morning! You see, Aunt Flow has not visited since before we left for our Japan holiday and I thought maybe just maybe…

Waiting for my turn at the clinic, I couldn’t curb my excitement at what could be :p I was brushing away flashes of the boys’ delighted faces over a new sibling, the grumpy husband’s shock as he become a daddy again, me shooting all the possible newborn poses with my new muse! I was giddy with happiness! Then a young mother with a 2 month old baby girl sat down next to me. After her feed, the baby proceeded to fuss and scream and I was jerked back to reality from that happy place with fluffy clouds and thought almost out loud - oh crap! no way am I going to go through all that again! :p

Dr Eunice was excited to see me. She thought I had news for her too but alas, it wasn’t a baby, it wasn’t menopause, it was STRESS and possibly my weight gain over the past few months that’s deterring Aunt Flow from visiting. 

I was disappointed.


my relief far surpassed my disappointment so I think this is for the best :)

I am and always will be a mother to two cheeky and lovely boys who melt my heart with their love everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


(Perth 2012)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Art Garden 2013

Yay! The Children's Season is back again this year and we made our annual visit to the Singapore Art Museum for the 4th installation of Art Garden. It was just the boys and I and like kids off on an adventure, we were excited to see what the Art Garden has in store for us.

As we stepped into The Enchanted Garden City, we got surrounded by familiar childhood fairytales with an Asian twist!

Kay-Dyl and the beanstalk

It was a very popular room, so we decided to move on to the other exhibits and come back later to explore further. Next stop was Around The Day In Eighty Worlds, a quirky room with lots of art to do and interesting things to observe and explore. The boys even made kaleidoscopes :)

Then they drew and designed a kitty each. Love how colourful their final art pieces were! Kay's rainbow cat and Dyl's patchwork cat *meow*!


Rainbow cat peeking at Patchwork cat

The "black and white" room with floating objects and strange furniture haha :p

My oversized newborn LOL

 The 3D room was a bit spooky for some...

I had no idea what the joke was

Kay the scary zombie!
Then came the Stellar Cave, stunning artwork made of thread and screws! Somehow the reindeers reminded me of my recent trip to Norway.

Boys love making noise, and what better room to throw them in than The Incredibly Magical Expanding Room? The walls of this room transforms to the sound of your voice much to the delight of these two noisemakers :p

Finally, we went back to bid The Enchanted Garden City farewell.

even the floor of this room was decked with artwork

where's kayden?
Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon the little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon
Mirror Mirror on the Wall, your child can draw a self-portrait and have it projected from the mirror. Don't ask me why Dyl drew a royal cat with two kittens :p 

We hope to be back at the Art Garden next year. It is always fun to appreciate art through exploration and discovery and the Art Garden never disappoints in these aspects. You have till 1st Sept 2013 to visit :) Museum entry is free for all Singaporeans (nice initiative)!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Boy, the Boat and the Moon

I watch you sleeping for a long moment tonight and saw a face familiar yet new. A tiny mole I did not know of on your forehead, long eyelashes I never noticed before and a nose and mouth just like mine. You are my lovely second born who utters to me "I love you Mummy" every night before you sleep. I love you too sweetheart...always. And may you never stop loving this old lady.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Monster Party

So the little monster turned a fabulous 4 last month and I had to throw him a monster party to mark his monsterhood :p Decided on a breakfast party at Picotin for him with his closer kiddy pals and their parents of course, followed by an hour of pony rides and a horseshoe throwing game yay! Ok ok, so there was nothing monstrous about the party except for the invitation card illustrated by my lovely intern and the monstrous amount of AWESOME pictures taken by my girls at The Studio Loft! This was the FIRST party I didn't want to stress over photo taking so left it to Wen Lin, Joanne and Yvonne and they did a FABULOUS job! The kids and the lil monster had a great time and that's all that mattered at the end of the day :)

Lazy Quick recap of the party:
1. Breakfast was ordered and kids chatted and ate
2. The monster started adoption process of Uncle Clinton over breakfast
3. Pony feeding (monster's adoption process gaining progress as he employs the help of Felix)
4. Pony rides begin! Lil monster refused to get on the pony!
5. The other kids had many rides within the hour (meanwhile, the adoption process was completed! haha)
6. Finally after much urging, monster took ONE ride
7. Cake cutting (I baked the monster cake and Aunty Jaime made the super cute fondant decor!)
8. Birthday boy got angry with gor gor and Oscar for singing the "silly" version (you are born in the zoo)
9. Horseshoe throwing event was a hoot! Oscar won!
10. Kids had some fun on the vintage swing before bidding farewell

Here are the photos! I couldn't decide which to post so almost all are here LOL :D

Joanne's lot:



Wenlin's lot:


and this last picture sums up Dylan's monster party appropriately! :)