Sunday, July 27, 2008

Part time Angel

My littlest one has past his 6th week and I look like someone who hasn't slept for 6 weeks :( This little bugger is a very light sleeper and demands to be carried to sleep. When you try to put him down once you think he's peacefully asleep, watch out! He'll scream and fuss till you pick him up again *groan*. Lately, he has learnt to shed tears *more emotional blackmail* and this makes it really heartbreaking when I leave him to cry while I work. I hope by the end of the second month things will improve *wish wish wish*.

Here's the angel

wanted him to sleep in this photo but as with most babies, they never do what you want them to do :p also since he is a boy, his errrm scrotum was showing in this shot but I removed it (for a better picture) in Photoshop kekeke

see how he cleverly hides his privates from view by lifting his leg up :D

and this is him with that pitiful face when I don't carry him :s


While surfing for inspiration, I chanced upon the work of a wonderful child photographer Erin Drallos. I was intrigued by this particular shot of hers where she placed a newborn naked and sleeping facedown on a chair. Here's my rendition hehe :

Shot at home against my cement wall with my ugly dining chair, hmmm maybe I should get some nice chairs as props like hers. Dylan was so sleepy after a good feed that I had more than 30mins trying out this shot. I couldn't bare to put him on the hard wooden chair thus the red cushion :p

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Working with a baby in tow

It's been a week since I went back to work officially and I think this has got to be one of our busiest week ever! 12 Blooms, 5 Little Big Shots, 1 kid's birthday event shoot, 1 magazine cover shoot and 1 video shoot...PHEW! Next week seems even busier and I shudder at how I'm going to handle another week with Dylan in the studio. What's more he'll be into his 6th week and that's another dreaded growth spurt week!

I am thankful for the help I got from the girls, who overnight had to become photographers cum babysitters ;p Ashley is more experienced at handling babies and she's great with Dylan. We laughed when we see Charlene trying to handle the loud and bawling baby, she's like a new mummy kekeke. But after one week, she's getting as good as Ashley ;p Thanks girls, you've been awesome assistants in more ways than one :)

My in laws also came to help look after Dy and buy us lunch on days when we were extra busy. Thanks Ma and Pa!

Dylan's feeding times have never stretched more than 2 to 3 hours in the day and because of this, I often have to stop in the middle of a shoot and ask the client if they mind me running off to the other room to nurse the bawling baby for 10mins. Most of them are understanding and shoo me off to do what I have to do. So nice of them :) But today Charlene told me the grandmother of one of the Little Big Shot client commented loudly (as I nursed Dylan in the other room before their shoot) on how I shouldn't bring a baby to work and should start shooting for them the minute they stepped in the door :S sucks! Bet she never breastfeed her children that's why she's so unreasonable :(

So now I am thinking of ideas on how I can still work with baby in tow. One of the blogs I frequent recommends The Snuggle Wrap which allows young babies to be "tied" to you with their heads fully supported and have both your hands free to work. It's unlike a sling which uses one shoulder. Have a look at this product and let me know what you think. If not, any other suggestions? Sigh, it's not easy!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear God

Most of you may not know this, I have been a rocker girl since poly days (some 18 years ago) ;) Back in Oz, I used to wake my housemates up with my electric guitar solo jamming sessions in the morning before we go for class. I also braved going to rock gigs alone (sometimes in faraway suburban pubs) when none of them will go with me. I miss those aussie bands I love back then - Jebediah, Regurgitator, You Am I, Superjesus, The Mavis' etc.

It has always been my secret dream to be in a rock band playing the drums or guitar. I guess this dream sort of faded away with each year as I got older and when I became a mother, whatever little hope I still harboured of being a rock star dissipated :( I guess I did the next best thing, I married a guitarist from a local rock band :p

Currently, I am in love with this song - Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 1st month Dylan!

My second little one is 1 month old! :) We spent the day driving all over Singapore delivering the full month cakes and ang ku kueh to relatives and friends thinking that it will be less troublesome than having a party...WRONG! By the time we delivered the 20th something box we were pooped already and we were less than halfway done. Also, we had no chance to catch up with friends, just hi and go. Well, now we know better don't we? :p Kayden had a high tea party at the York Hotel, i think if ever #3 comes along, it will be a party too!

I designed 2 announcement/thank you cards to go with the cupcakes which were ordered from Cupcake Divinity upon the recommendation of a client. They look so pretty don't you think so? Each box had 4 cupcakes (2 chocolate fudge, 1 strawberry and 1 vanilla) and 2 ang ku kuehs. Hope you guys enjoyed them.

Dearest Dylan,
In the blink of an eye, it's been 1 month since you came into our lives.
My happy moments with you are when you burp real loudly (like Homer Simpson) after a feed! That never fails to put a smile on my face as I find it so amazing that you grow so much each day just on mummy's milk alone :)
You are beginning to look chubby now and I can't help myself pinching your cheeks at times. I get a frown from you for that. hehe, sorry! :p
Your daddy, brother and I wishes you yong yuan jian kang (forever healthy) as you grow each day!
Lots of love and kisses,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Good Brother

If the way he treats Momo (our cat) is anything to go by, we were expecting Kayden to be a very jealous brother. We were most pleasantly surprised when he turned out to be just the total opposite!

He would come back from school and greet his little brother on the bouncer (he don't call him Didi, but Baby) by announcing loudly to all at home,"Oh! Baby sleeping!" He also likes to play "Name the Body Parts" on Dylan, starting from the head (ok sometimes he pats Dylan's head too forcefully, the little oaf that he is hehe), down to the toes (his favourite part). He would also kiss baby or play nose to nose with him.

Kayden is also more mature now and listens when we reason with him. We took his beansprout pillow for Dylan and although he was unhappy, he didn't act out, what he did was to give me a pout whenever he sees the baby using the pillow. I noticed this and said sorry to him and asked if we could borrow his pillow for baby? He stopped pouting, nodded his head and said,"Kayden give blue pillow to baby." Awww!

Another concern i had was breastfeeding. As i breastfed Kayden till he was 21 months, some of my friends warned that when he sees Dylan nursing, feelings of jealousy might surface. Turned out they were wrong. When he sees baby nursing, all he says is,"Baby drinking neh neh milk!" hehe :D Then the other day i was in the kitchen when he rushes in and worriedly says to me,"Mummy! Put back white on baby." i was wondering what he meant when he stretched out his hand to show me a white mitten dropped by the baby. Only after i wore the mitten on baby's hand did he revert back to his happy self, ha! what a loving brother :)

Granny would tease him by saying,"I bring baby back with me ok?" to which Kay will shout loudly,"NO!". He was sitting on my lap the other day when Dylan started crying, he swiftly jumped off and said to me,"Baby cry, need Mummy bao bao." Meaning that baby needs mummy to carry. I would then beam proudly at this firstborn of mine who has grown so much as a person.

Here are some shots of Dylan with his eyes open at last! Sometimes too wide!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kiddo Ver 2.0

The Kiddo Ver 2.0 - Dylan model
All new and improved burping and farting sounds!
This model has an additional dimple to the right cheek.
Comes with a cute smile too :)
Milk and diapers sold separately.
Instruction manual not included.
Projectile pooping action only with the Kiddo Ver 1.0 - Kayden model.
Both models available for viewing at Punggol.
Not for sale till we change our minds :p
However, we are open to rental.