Friday, February 14, 2014

Part excited, part afraid...

So, I thought I’d have major news to share this morning! You see, Aunt Flow has not visited since before we left for our Japan holiday and I thought maybe just maybe…

Waiting for my turn at the clinic, I couldn’t curb my excitement at what could be :p I was brushing away flashes of the boys’ delighted faces over a new sibling, the grumpy husband’s shock as he become a daddy again, me shooting all the possible newborn poses with my new muse! I was giddy with happiness! Then a young mother with a 2 month old baby girl sat down next to me. After her feed, the baby proceeded to fuss and scream and I was jerked back to reality from that happy place with fluffy clouds and thought almost out loud - oh crap! no way am I going to go through all that again! :p

Dr Eunice was excited to see me. She thought I had news for her too but alas, it wasn’t a baby, it wasn’t menopause, it was STRESS and possibly my weight gain over the past few months that’s deterring Aunt Flow from visiting. 

I was disappointed.


my relief far surpassed my disappointment so I think this is for the best :)

I am and always will be a mother to two cheeky and lovely boys who melt my heart with their love everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


(Perth 2012)