Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Actor

Dylan, Dylan Seow... does it sound like the name of an actor to you? Not familiar you say, well it should be if he ever becomes one when he grows up because he's a damn fine one at 20 months old! ;p

My dear little one got a bit of a rough handling the other day when his dad put him into the car seat and he started to complain about his right wrist. When we ignored him and said he's just being "pok pueah" (thin skinned), he started crying out as though in great pain and showed me his "injured" wrist while cradling it with his other hand. We still laughed at him and he started to sob on his own. I dismissed it as him being over sensitive and know that he will be fine once we reach our lunch destination. When we were having lunch, the boy still acted as though his right wrist was injured. He would give me a painful look whenever I asked if he was ok. Erwin decided to test him by saying,"Arms up!" suddenly, Dylan promptly raised only his left arm! Oh oh, now we were a bit worried. I checked his wrist again to see if there's any swelling but it seemed ok except a bit limp. Dylan started crying again as if in pain and this time we thought ok he's not acting, better bring him to a doctor. As we were walking to the lift, we passed a shop with a large stuffed toy dog on display and Dyl pointed to it and asked me to bring it down for him. I did and the bugger reached for the dog with BOTH arms and magically his wrist is fine and he gave us his sweetest smile :s What the? Haha anyway we all had a good laugh and wondered how someone that young can manipulate us this way :p

He's great fun to have around in the studio and I miss him on days when we have a busy day and he'll be at my in-laws'. Cheeky and very stubborn when he wants his way, the perfect word to use on him is PUNK! A cute one :)

Charlene taught him to cross his arms to look angry and he promptly mimics the action to a tee

I am still considering whether to send him to school as he's picking up lots just from everyday observation and interaction with his brother. Whenever we bring Kayden for his sports lesson at Shaw's Little League, he looks longingly from the side, wishing he can join in. Give him a ball and he bounces, throws and catches it really well. Lately, he also has the habit of smiling the moment you point a camera at him. It looks like his brother's forced smile which I find quite unnatural and thus it's a challenge trying to get a great smile out of him now for pictures. But here are a couple of cute ones which I caught of him on the iPhone, hopefully there will be more where that came from :)

Keep smiling Dyl Dyl! We love you heaps despite your bad smiles and "good" acting!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are you the one?

hi everyone, The Studio Loft is expanding and looking to hire another staff who should preferably be able to fulfill these roles - retoucher/assistant photographer/receptionist/cleaning aunty/runner/PA/customer service personel etcetera :p yes in other words - bao kar liao! if you know of a fun person who fits the role(s), please get them to email

a female colleague would be preferable as we market ourselves as an all women team but we are flexible if you fit the bill :p drop us an email telling a little about yourself and how you can grow with us :)