Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Monster Party

So the little monster turned a fabulous 4 last month and I had to throw him a monster party to mark his monsterhood :p Decided on a breakfast party at Picotin for him with his closer kiddy pals and their parents of course, followed by an hour of pony rides and a horseshoe throwing game yay! Ok ok, so there was nothing monstrous about the party except for the invitation card illustrated by my lovely intern and the monstrous amount of AWESOME pictures taken by my girls at The Studio Loft! This was the FIRST party I didn't want to stress over photo taking so left it to Wen Lin, Joanne and Yvonne and they did a FABULOUS job! The kids and the lil monster had a great time and that's all that mattered at the end of the day :)

Lazy Quick recap of the party:
1. Breakfast was ordered and kids chatted and ate
2. The monster started adoption process of Uncle Clinton over breakfast
3. Pony feeding (monster's adoption process gaining progress as he employs the help of Felix)
4. Pony rides begin! Lil monster refused to get on the pony!
5. The other kids had many rides within the hour (meanwhile, the adoption process was completed! haha)
6. Finally after much urging, monster took ONE ride
7. Cake cutting (I baked the monster cake and Aunty Jaime made the super cute fondant decor!)
8. Birthday boy got angry with gor gor and Oscar for singing the "silly" version (you are born in the zoo)
9. Horseshoe throwing event was a hoot! Oscar won!
10. Kids had some fun on the vintage swing before bidding farewell

Here are the photos! I couldn't decide which to post so almost all are here LOL :D

Joanne's lot:



Wenlin's lot:


and this last picture sums up Dylan's monster party appropriately! :)