Sunday, September 26, 2010

The right card

After my initial post on Citibank Credit Cards, a few readers have commented to me that there are so many cards, difficult (and lazy) to make a choice but hey it wasn't difficult for my husband at all who applied for one through the Citibank Card Recommender.

There are a few ways you can go about selecting your card once you are at the site. You can just click on any of the cards featured in the animation to get a full overview of that specific card.

You can also click on "Compare our cards" (bottom left) to choose a few cards to compare benefits and features before deciding on the one that you prefer.

What my husband did was I think the easiest option, just click on "Choose the right card for your lifestyle" at the bottom. Then just take your cue from the animation as it prompts you for information like your age, benefit preferences etc.

Finally it will present you with a couple or more cards which suits your lifestyle. For Erwin, he was recommended the Citi Dividend Card or the Citi Platinum Card. He went for the latter as he was already getting petrol rebates from another credit card he owned.

So there you go! Easy and straightforward :)
There are still a few weeks to go before our collaboration with Citibank to give you a $40 TANGS voucher ends, so please do hop on to the Citibank Card Recommender site to select a Citibank Credit Card suitable for yourself then sign up for your card of choice through this special link to get your $40 TANGS voucher. Happy shopping and charging! :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Children's DAYZ 2010

Our Children's DAYZ promotion is back for this year! At a new price of just $50, you get 3 colourful settings for your child. This year we have 2 natural light settings and 1 studio setting to make things a little different :) So total 3 settings at one price! Your kids will love the colourful ideas we have come up with for this special :)

Dates are 27. 28 and 29 September 2010, walk in between 10am to 4pm, no appointments necessary. Shoots will be conducted on a first come first serve basis. You get 2 edited shots in high resolution JPGs.

Note that photographers will be Charlene, Wen Lin or Maryann, no choosing of photographers.

Hope to see you all then and wishing everyone a very colourful Children's Day ahead! :)

The Studio Loft


Oh my, I just realised that I have forgotten to update my blog with newborn pictures but they are all on The Studio Loft's facebook! So here's the first of many backdated newborn shoots. Ah we have renamed our newborn shoots to Teeny Weeny by the way :) Fitting don't you think?

Ok, on to teeny weeny Gabrielle.
Remember our very cheerful father-to-be from our Blooming Fun album? Here he is still as cheerful with his brand new baby girl! We love how enthusiastic he was about the shoot and even brought some of his own props. Thanks Chloe and Andrew for choosing us to shoot Gabby's newborn portraits, hope you love the pictures!

Talking about enthusiasm, Andrew even edited a video of some shots he took during the session together with the final retouched shots. Check it out! Thanks again you guys :)

And on to the pictures (1st 3 shots by Charlene)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Nation's 45th Birthday

On the eve of National Day, we were given tickets to the parade! For you non locals, getting tickets to the parade IS a big deal as they are neither sold nor free at the door. You have to ballot for them, win them by calling radio stations, be a participant of the parade, beg friends or relatives of those who happen to have extra tickets or in our case, have a relative who was involved in the parade so had tickets to giveaway ;p

We were more excited than the kids as this was my first time at a National Day Parade ever! The kids were just there for the "fa fah works" (fireworks pronounced by Dylan).

It was hot hot hot and security was tight. We had four goody bags hehe that contained patriotic paraphanelia and some snacks and drinks. You can spot us newbies straightaway - whilst others brought sunglasses, fans and donned caps and hats, we brought egg mayo sandwiches :p

Anyway, it was an interesting experience, I never thought myself a patriotic person but teared when Kit Chan sang "Home" by Dick Lee.

Happy Birthday Home!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kay is 5! and all things dino

Kayden my boy, you turn 5 today! Still crazy about dinos and drawing, we had a dinosaur themed party for you upon your request. Yes, you can make known your opinions now :p We can't say no if we wanted to :)

It's amazing just thinking back to when you were a (fat) baby, how far you have come. Be it expressing yourself vocally, helping daddy with the housework, doing things on your own, you have certainly developed and grown into a little man. Still clumsy like your mummy though but otherwise a fine young man :p You are ever such a loving elder brother to Dylan, giving in to him most of the time and teaching him all that you know. We beam with pride when we see you looking out for him as any good brother will, knowing in our hearts that this brotherly bond is going to be a great one!

Kay my dino boy, we wish you all the happiness in the world for your birthday! :)

lots of love,
mummy, daddy and didi (even though he don't say it, you know he loves you heaps! you are the first person he looks for when he wakes up)

RARRHHH! (dinosaur roar) :D

This year we didn't have a party, just a small one in school followed by lunch at marche and then a small bbq party at aunty ik hui's place over that weekend. I tried to be clever and did his cake from scratch! The school cake looks horrid but his classmates had 2 or 3 helpings so it must have tasted good! :p The fondant dinosaurs I hand modelled also looked quite ugly and they only slightly improved in appearance when i made them as toppers for the bbq party's cupcakes.

Anyway, here are the pix, he really enjoyed himself, that's all that matters :)