Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting Gold

A couple of days ago I shot the wacky duo of Tim O and Denise Tan who are the new hosts for the evening drivetime belt "Homestretch" on Gold 90.5.

When Kim from the station called me to arrange for the shoot, I was expecting errrm (how can I phrase this nicely) a couple of DJs closer to the age of Hamish Brown and maybe even Brian Richmond (my dad's favourite DJ). So when Tim and Denise waltz in I was quite surprised as they were about my age. That got me thinking if I should be switching to Gold from the likes of Class 95, Power 98 and Heart 91.3? Gasp! I am now listening to the station my dad tunes in to! Getting old, oops I mean GOLD :p

Anyway thanks guys for the shoot, you two are really fun to work with and I wish you all the best on your programme :)

these DJs can really jump!

Don't friend you!

makeup and hair by charlene!

Friday, August 29, 2008

the "chiffon" for Little Big Shots

One of The Studio Loft's signature Bloom shot is the "chiffon".

I've been thinking of ways to use it for Little Big Shots and viola, here's 9 week old Dylan as our test model again :p 3 things that could have made this a better shot; I was hoping that he'll be sleeping but he wasn't, secondly he's far too big! Ashley's arm was straining with his weight haha! maybe I should have tried this shot when he was just a week old and lastly, his scrotum is showing slightly :p But otherwise, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Oh and he peed at us as the last shot was taken :s

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just like a book

The Studio Loft's albums have always been of classic designs and materials. We offer shatung silk, suede, vinyl and leather coverings with a window on the cover for a picture. I decided to try something new for our coffeetable books. This is called the photowrap cover, comes in matt or gloss finish. Personally I prefer the matt. Matt finish prone to scratches, glossy finish prone to fingerprints, so see which you can live with :p We customise the design to your preference. This cover is an optional item at $70.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hello daddy!

Daddy's in the USA and I'm a single parent for a week, tough!
This is my best shot of the boys together so far, hope it brightens your day Daddy-O :)

hmmm, I can't decide which looks better, the desaturated tone one (topmost) or the full colour one (just above). click on each to see bigger. please give me your vote and I will remove the loser :p

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Studio Loft Posse

Let me introduce you to our crew of 4 at The Studio Loft :p

that's me

my first staff and photographer + nanny extraordinaire, Ashley

Charlene, photographer + one-handed babysitter who also does makeup for our clients

my 2 month old baby Dylan, works part-time as a demo unit for the studio

and here are the girls having fun with my boy on the iMac

sorry about the quality of the photos, all taken on the iMac's photobooth. we'll try and get a proper photo done of us all soon :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loft International

This afternoon I had my first Brazillian client which got me thinking back to the other international clients I've had over the past 2 years. Apart from Singaporeans, The Studio Loft has shot Aussie, French, American, Swiss, Swedes, Danish, Icelandic, British, Welsh, Italian, Russian, Dutch, German, Canadian, Belgium, Fijian, Kiwi, Slovakian, Irish, Mauritian, Balinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Sri Lankan and now Brazillian clients :) How diverse! This goes to show the number of expats here in Singapore. I heard they make up 1/3 of our population, amazing!

edited on 21 Aug :
Agisa and family came for their shoot today and they are from the Maldives, making them my first Maldivian client :P

edited on 16 Sep :
Simonetta and her turkish hubby came for their Bloom shoot today, they both met in Germany and yes, her hubby (sorry i didn't ask for your name!) is our first turkish client! :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

No longer a Tamagotchi

The baby is 2 months old today! I have survived another month of breastfeeding, night feeds, diaper changes and working with him in the studio. This month, I have been rewarded with coos and smiles from the little darling :) And loud chuckles on a few occasions.

The first month he was more like a tamagotchi - just feed him and clean him. Now he reacts to people and the surroundings, more fun to have around. He's also grown! I have to stop myself pinching his cheeks and squeezing his thighs a lot of times throughout the day :p

Dylan is also The Studio Loft's baby demo unit. Here's an example of how we use him. The other day a baby came in, same age as him with the ever protective granny hovering around during the shoot. When i asked to put baby on his tummy, she gawked and said he's too young! I shot her a look then proceeded to the cot to bring Dylan over to the studio area. I put him down on his tummy and he held up his head like a good little model kekeke :p The grandma relented and her grandson did so well too lifting his head and smiling as well. Tsk tsk! Don't want to say I told you so, just need to bring over the demo unit hehee :D

Everytime Dylan smiles, the DSLR is not with me :s It's always the cameraphone that captures those precious smiles. Here's 2 I like:

His first big smile on the N73:

And this one is hilarious caught with the iPhone:

Then finally just yesterday, I decided to try again to capture his smile with the D200 and here's my prize!

Darling Dylan,
You have given me much to cheer about this month. Firstly you have started to smile when we talk to you, you also try to talk by cooing and imitating our mouth shapes as we baby talk to you and lastly I am amazed that at such a young age you know how to reach for me when you need me (either by flinging your arm at me or kicking me with your fat leg). Sorry that I keep calling you fatso, lardball and bui bui :p I also apologise for the many times I have squeezed your cheeks and thighs but they are just too delicious and chubby to resist! You have also started with that high pitch screaming a lot more now to our amusement. Oh and this month I have also discovered the trick to making you sleep longer, we put you on your tummy and HURRAY! you can last about 3 hours that way without a squeak :p Your feeds have also started to stretch from 2hourly to 3hourly. PHEW! I look forward to another fun filled month with you and Kor Kor who btw has been kissing you non stop and hugging you whenever he can. You are truly lucky to have such a loving brother :)
Love always,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

He wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny blue and white striped trunks

Since the little one came along, I have not been taking pictures of the big brother. In a month's time, he will be turning 3! Lately, apart from loving his brother to bits, he has taken a liking for the pool. Here he is wearing his blue & white striped "speedos" with his crocodile :p