Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hip Hip Hipstamatic!

When I was almost due to deliver Dylan, I got a present from my husband, the much talked about iPhone. It was the very first version released and his friend helped him buy it from the USA. For something as talked about as the iPhone, I was most annoyed at how limited it's functions were. You can't MMS, can't forward a text, can't shoot a video, can't take a decent picture, can't this can't that. I was beginning to think the phone should be named iCan't. Anyway there were other stuff I was happy with it, it had WIFI, I could listen to music on it, it was great for showing off photos with it's big screen and it's nifty finger sliding menu navigation was great :)

Fast forward a year and a half later, finally M1 is selling the new iPhone and with great data plans as well. I got mine a month ago and I think I went mad with all the new funtions and features which I was unable to do with the old phone! I could surf ANYWHERE with 3G, in the car, on the MRT, really, anywhere! MMS, copy paste, text forwarding, video recording etc are all standard features of the new iPhone.

BUT the best part of the iphone is the APP STORE! It's evil, I have purchased more than 20 apps since I got the phone and my favourite photography app is the Hipstamatic! It's like having a few lomo cameras all within your phone and the hip-to-be-square format just makes it all so retro. My old love with film cameras now available on my iPhone! Check out some of my favourite pictures taken with the app, and it's just US1.99, what you waiting for? ;)

Hipstamatic if you are listening, what say you pay me a commission for all my friends who bought your app after I introduced them to it? :P

Rock Your Valentine!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Newborn Gauthier - 12 days young

It must be a month of newborns! The next day after we shot Kayla, we went to this little man's home to shoot him. His mummy received a gift cert from her colleagues for a newborn shoot by The Studio Loft. This must be the most relaxed shoot for us, mummy was happy to leave baby G in our hands and daddy popped in during his lunch hour to take a few shots with the little guy. The light in their home that afternoon was pretty good and we were happy with the shots, hopefully they will too!

This is my fav shot, mummy told me that the daddy has really nice hands and that I have to capture a shot that shows it off, so here's the shot, the wedding band is a great plus :)

The chinese will say he's gonna be a naughty boy with two "zhngs" but which boy isn't naughty? ;)

A sweet sweet dream he must be having

Newborn Kayla - 8 days young

This new year started badly for me, I was down with a viral fever and couldn't work long hours as the fever drained my energy and I felt terrible just standing up. It was tough! I lost a kilo after 10 days of suffering but it all came back after just a few meals when I got my appetite back! How unfair :p

Anyway I was supposed to shoot this little lady at her home when she was 6 days old but I was still ill so we delayed the shoot till a couple days later. Baby Kayla was a delight to shoot once she got herself sleepy. We managed to get quite a few shots. It was also the first time I see a baby cup-feed so well! Way to go Kayla, may you grow up healthy like your daddy and pretty like your mama :)