Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our first pair of newborn twins!

Xavier and Cayman are 3 weeks old and boy are they handsome! The bigger one is the little brother ;) Charlene and I are pretty happy with some of the shots we got from the session. Here are a few to share, more on our Facebook.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second time around

When I became a second time parent with Dylan, I never thought I would become this cool and relaxed about it. I am amazed at myself, check out the difference!

1. Breastfeeding
With Kayden, breastfeeding was stressful. Before he arrived, I bought breastpads, nipple cream, nursing tops. I was strict with the timings I fed him and always worry if he has enough or if I am feeding him the wrong side.

With Dylan, breastfeeding's a breeze! I had zero breastpads or tubes of nipple cream, no new nursing tops. I let him nurse whenever he wants to and if I forget which side I last fed him, I just go oh well, that leaves plenty more on the other side when he next nurse :p

2. Food
I was so excited to start Kayden on solids, I bought baby cookbooks and read up a lot before deciding what to feed him. Every puree I MUST cook myself, NO bottle food please. ALL food that passed through him must be organic. NO sweet stuff till he was like past 18months.

When it came time to try Dylan on solids, I was a bit less excited. Sure I still cooked some of his food but bottle food are no longer banned, in fact, they were a welcomed convenience :) If I was having a chocolate muffin and Dylan looked like he wanted some, I would give him a bite!

3. Germs
I was paranoid of germs going onto my first born. Everything was clinically clean. When he dropped a toy on the ground, that's it, no touching it till after it's been washed with Dettol. When someone on the train coughs or sneezed in his direction, I will quickly turn him away from the offender and dramatically fan with my free hand all that invisible germs surrounding him and if the offender was still around, I would give him a good hard scowl for being so daring as to cough or sneeze in front of my baby!

With Dylan, I still stare at people who cough or sneeze at him but no more fanning action *LOL*. Toys dropped are picked up and given back to him to his delight. He gets away with eating with unwashed hands.

4. Milestones
From pregnancy right up till he was past 2years old, I was anxious of the milestones he was supposed to achieve. Every month I will know what to expect and will make sure that he achieves it.

When pregnant with Dylan, I hardly worry except that one time when I missed a couple of steps down the staircase. I enjoyed each milestone as and when they came and I was hardly stressed at all making sure he achieved them :)

5. Sickness and accidents
The other day when Dylan fell and bumped his head quite badly, resulting in a panda eye as the blood flowed down, I didn't panic and rushed to the hospital as I would have previously with a young Kayden. I just monitored his condition. We even self medicate nowadays with Kayden, using medication we had gotten previously from the paed. I must stress that this is ONLY for common ailments like fever, cough or runny nose, please do not follow our example :p

For all you first time parents reading this post, I think you must have shook your heads a few times already, tsk tsk-ed a couple of times and some may have your jaws dropped at point #5 :p I apologise if I shock you but when you have your second/subsequent child, you will know what I mean - totally! Meanwhile, try and enjoy each moment with your child instead of stressing over what you should be doing. Don't worry! Everything will fall into place :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

World Breastfeeding Week 2009

It's the World Breastfeeding Week again! This year we will be participating in the event organised by the Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group. It will be on Aug 22nd (this saturday!) at HealthZone, Level 2 of the Health Promotion Board. More details here. Come on down from 11am onwards and join us for treasure hunt, games, shopping, food, talks, contests and craft activities! The Studio Loft will have a shooting booth there complete with backdrop and studio lights. For just $10, get a professionally taken picture of you and your child to participate in the parent-child lookalike contest or if you are shy and prefer to let your child have all the limelight then dress your little one up for a solo shoot. 10% of all proceeds collected from the event will go to BMSG so do come on down and lend your support to breastfeeding mothers :)

We also helped BMSG produced the TVC for the event, as usual Candida from Funhouse Digital did the editing.

We look forward to meeting everyone this Saturday, see you there!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Over the National Day weekend

I had a relaxing break from work!

Erwin finally had a chance to feed the small one ;)

The boys got these cool shades from the goody packs of DeZheng's birthday party and they had a great time goofing around in them :p

We decided to have brunch at Jones The Grocer for a change and the interior totally brought us back to our Perth holiday. Kayden was asking if we were in "another Australia"?

Now I am looking forward to my next long weekend which is in September for Kay's birthday party :) I hope you had an enjoyable weekend with your family too!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The cheeky boy is 14 months old! He's always up to some kind of mischief especially when he has his partner in crime with him - Kayden :p He cracks me up when he imitates what he observes, like swinging his arms back and forth like how Braddell View Gong Gong exercises...when you least expects it, he suddenly comes up to you and says "tiki tiki tiki" while tickling your tummy with his little fingers (like how his brother and me like to do to him) :D

The eyeshadow he has been sporting for the past few weeks over his right eye was my fault :( I turned away for a second to get his towel after his bath and he slipped and fell down from the sink. Ahhh, his daddy never let me forget it. That hurt :s

Anyway my cheeky little boy, you make me smile always without fail with your cheeky grin, happy 14th month :)

Shin Min newspaper interview

No, of course the interview wasn't conducted in mandarin! haha, they translated what I said. Not sure if it's accurate though as I can't read 90% of what's in the article. Thanks Ik Hui for helping with the scan :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Jenna is just 10 days old and oh so tiny! She only pee-d twice and both times on her daddy :p

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