Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When I grow up

I'm going to be a ballerina just like mummy!

Yes, those are Aelia's mummy's ballet shoes! How cute is this little girl?! I will do another blog post on her soon :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

WINNERS of the Mother's Day Magazine Cover Contest

Sorry I have been slacking on blog posts :p Here are the winners for both contests!

Mother's Day Magazine Cover Contest

1st Prize winner Little Big Shots package worth $120: #43
2nd Prize winner Speak and Read English DVD set from Wink To Learn worth $88: #42
3rd Prize winner $40 gift voucher from Itsy Bitsy Me!: #38

Cover 43 - 1st prize:

Cover 42 - 2nd prize:

Cover 38 - 3rd prize:

1st and 2nd prize winners were separated by just a couple of votes and 3rd prize winner won by just 1 vote!

the voter winner of $60 credit with The Studio Loft is Ms Pradeep who submitted her vote for #38 along with this poem:
My most favourite cover is #38 which i have attached..
Its because the photo in the cover is really natural and...
The BaBy...
The Precious one..
So cute..
So sweet...
Straight from Heaven's...
Brightest Star...
His smile...
A smile of glee that almost says
I'm glad to be with you mum..
Its a Miracle....
Its him...JONAS...
The apple of mummy's eye..

The winners for the Bloom Cover Contest are:

It is a tie between Cover A and Cover D!!! both received 23 votes each.
So to be fair, the prize of $200 Spring Maternity voucher will be split between the 2winners, so they each receive $100 voucher each :)

Cover A:

Cover D:

The random voter who wins a $20 voucher from Spring Maternity is Quah Hui who voted for cover A and E.

Congrats to all our winners! We have contacted some of you already regarding your prizes. If you have not heard from us, please give us a call at 6235 3696 to claim your prize.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

One month after

It's been a month since his birthday? Seems like ages! Dylan is 13 months old. Throughout these 13 months, I have only been apart from him once, when I brought Kayden to watch a kid's play. And coincidentally tonight I left Dylan for the second time, this time to watch Corinne's play! It was hilarious and I totally enjoyed myself watching all 10 plays. Anyway, I digress :p

This month Dyl has a few new tricks! Am I sounding like I am talking about my pet? Hehe anyway he can FINALLY feed himself biscuits! Before he could pick up the biscuits but always had trouble with the release into his mouth. You will see him struggling with 3 or 4 fingers all squished into his little mouth not sure what he had to do to get the biscuit landing on his tongue :p

He has also learnt to point and ask (or rather signal in caveman language) for what he wants. Eg, if he wants a toy beyond his reach or a biscuit on the table, he will point to it (he's very good at pointing!) and look at you and utter,"Ugh ugh!"

He is also nursing more often now especially in the night! At least 3 times :( In the daytime if he wants to nurse, he will now have this terribly clever way of showing you, he will climb onto my lap and lie down in the nursing position! HAHAHA! Then he looks at you, waiting patiently for you to offer him, if I take more than 20seconds to "get his drift", he will start pulling at my tee :s

Diet wise, he loves bread or muffins in the morning and can eat a whole bun if he's hungry. Guess it's time for me to do some baking!

He's becoming a tidy boy, he likes to keep his brother's jigsaw or lego pieces into their respective containers. And as you can see from the picture, he loves balls now, especially the easter eggs we have in the studio. Each morning, he will go pick them up and put them into the baskets or knock a couple of them together for fun. When playing with Kayden, he loves to be chased and will scream in hysterics while giggling as they run around the sofa. Watching them play always brings a smile to my heart :)

Oh and I almost forgot, he can wave goodbye! If he likes you, he will wave many times and in your presence, sometimes with both hands and smiling cheekily. If he is wary of you, he will wave goodbye AFTER you have left :p

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Canadian Tuxedo

My good friend Corinne has participated in Short + Sweet 3 years running. I was there for her directorial debut in 2007, I missed the 2008 one as I had just given birth to Dylan. This year she is directing Canadian Tuxedo by Nicole Pandolfo, starring Musa Fazal and Stuart Lightheart. If you are looking for something different to do this weekend, grab your tickets and watch the best ten-minute plays at Short + Sweet!

Corinne brought her actors down to the studio last Saturday for a few shots. Here's the funny pair with their director :D

Break a leg Corinne! I'll try to be there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

@ the Netherclefts'

When Hollie Nethercleft came for some Bloom shots of #2 with Tabitha, I was already thinking about shooting their second baby when she's born. For a different feel, I suggested going over to their place to shoot when baby arrived. Fast forward a few weeks later, Charlene and I made our way to the eastern part of Singapore and boy, were we captivated with their home! It was just so lovely and full of light it's a photographer's dream :p Anyway, on to the pictures.


Colour treated:

Black and white:


Full colour:

I love what they did with the photos I shot for them previously, that's Hollie on the top into her last month of pregnancy with Tabitha, then that's Tab a few weeks old and the bottom one is Tab at 1 year old!