Monday, March 30, 2009

Carrie Sandoval - the rockstar of newborn photography

When you mention baby photography, most people think of Anne Geddes. However, in the past few years, Carrie Sandoval has risen to be one of the best newborn photographer (at least to me). Her work is AMAZZZZZING to say the least and although I just came to know about her a couple of months ago, I am still in awe of her work.

If you look at any and I mean really, ANY of the baby photographers in Singapore, you will notice that most of them has at least one Carrie shot in their portfolio. While I was going "nice" over the work of a fellow photographer before, then while looking though Carrie's site I realised, hey! so this is where they got the pose from hahaha :D Anyway they say imitation is a form of flattery so Carrie, you have a lot of flatterers here in Singapore! ;)

I find Carrie very inspiring as she comes up with new ideas or improve on old ones every now and then. Whilst Anne Geddes came up with the hanging babies concept, Carrie brought it a step further by making the faces of the babies visible (via a hole/gap) while being hung. And her branch shot is WOW wow wow!

Browsing through her blog, I realised she's a Nikon user, whoo hoo! And the best part, she uses my favourite lens for most of her shots, the 50mm f1.4! What I would love to have now is an area of my space in the studio for available light shooting.

Carrie Sandoval, you rock!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Shayna

Ms V brought little Shayna for a shoot without Daddy. Since he couldn't make it, he insisted that his little girl wear his team's jersey during the shoot :P She not only did that, she even managed to kick the ball! GOAL Shayna!

This is a Carrie Sandoval's pose, I shall elaborate more on her - my inspiration, in another post :)

Makeup & hair for Ms V by Charlene, great job I like the eyes and hair.

our own Vday shoot

another very belated post...

just for fun, we had our own vday shoot as well since this was the best setting we ever created *blows horn* :p

Char bought these hilarious frames to take with Dylan's famous glasses, don't they look cute? haha!

(click to view bigger)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a few more from the Valentine's Day promo

This is a really belated post, some of my favourites from the Valentine's Day promo last month.

The overpriced slippers people

Guess what? My old studio at Devonshire Road has been rented to the overpriced slippers people. I got their contact from the property agent who rented the premises to them. Reason I was calling them up was because it's been a year since I moved out of there and the new tenant was supposed to get back to me about whether they want to take over our 4 aircon units there. Unfortunately nobody called me and I thought the place was not rented out till last week when I called the agent to enquire about getting back the aircon units and she told me that it has been rented to them! When I called the tenant, he said he had no idea the aircon belonged to us and assumed it belonged to the landlord. I asked why he didn't find it strange that there were no remote controls for all the units (candida and i decided to take them with us when we left) and he said doesn't mean no remote controls means it's not meant for their usage right? WTF? I said hey, ignorance is not an excuse, the agent said she told you that they belonged to us and you were supposed to let us know if you want to buy them over, not just conveniently use it with some remote control you bought! I asked if they would at least pay us for rental of the units since they have been using it for a year, NO was his answer, "take them all back". Freaking hell, damn gay boys! I have nothing against gays incase you are wondering, some of my close friends are gays. But these people are just being downright unfair and the property agent is of no help as usual. So the very next day, I took back all the units, leaving them with a lot of hot air :D *evil laughter* AND, I am going to boycott their shop!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Kiwiberry

The first time I pop this little fruit into my mouth, I was expecting the sourish tang of the regular green kiwi. But wow, it was squishy soft and very sweet and with a skin thinner than the grape, what's not to like about this fruit? So I introduced it to Dylan last week and he loves it too! It's kind of expensive though, for a punnet of nine, it costs about $3.50. Do read more about this delicious fruit here. My all time favourite kiwi is the golden one, the kiwiberry is a close second. Now if only they will cultivate a golden kiwiberry :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain & Cows @ Bottle Tree Park

We brought the kids to the Bottle Tree Park and it poured :s Couldn't do the "long kang" fishing so we'll go back again. Lunch at the restaurant was unexpectedly alright, "zhi cha" style. I recommend the banana fritter thingy, forgot the name :p

While waiting out the rain, we saw a couple of "cows" pulling a carriage! Kayden the cow maniac was obviously excited to see them so we took some shots there while it drizzled. There's another part of the park which had dinosaur "fossils" but it wasn't sheltered so we can't get to it.

Since the rain took our fun away, we let Kayden have some fun as our photographer for the day, here is a collage of the shots he took! At first it was all headless and tilted shots hahaha then he got the hang of it and managed to take a really straight shot (2nd shot from bottom left)! He even took me nursing Dylan and an arty farty shot of his own feet! Not bad ya? ;)

All shots taken with the Lumix.