Monday, June 18, 2012

A Jinky Holiday

Back in March, Kayden had his first school break since starting Primary 1 and I ingeniously planned it such that we had a vacation in Perth AND a Jinkyart photography workshop for myself as well! Wahaha! The holiday was totally awesome and the workshop was even more awesome!!! I met one of the most creative minds in the industry of children photography – the wonderful Barb Uil. And it was mind boggling the way she dreams up ideas for her shoots! I was starstruck to say the least and being able to learn from her was an invaluable experience. I took back with me new knowledge in photography and was bursting with new ideas that I wanted to let loose at the first chance! 

Some of my favourite images from the 7 shoots we did during the workshop.

During the 3 day workshop, I also ate the most delicious coconut cake baked by our host, Alex Castle of Jumping Jigsaws Photography and made new photog friends! The lovely Fiona Henderson drove me around those 3 days with Sue Stone in tow. Sue was ever the chatterer and there was never silence with her around :p A fellow newborn photographer Susan Zamolo and I exchanged tips and stories of shooting our little clients. Then there was the hilarious Adi, with her glorious hair (she used to be a hairdresser) who had two little boys like me. Elke, Simone, Melissa, Nicole and Linda were the rest of the ladies whom I shared time with talking over meals during the workshop.  Ladies, it was a pleasure meeting you all :)

So I'm back in sunny Singapore and ready to get my Jinky on! Look out kids :p

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bedtime Conversations

When you are held hostage in your sons' room every night (at least till they fall asleep), you get the privilege of listening in to their conversations which can be pretty stinking cute sometimes! Here's a couple tonight:

Dyl: I'm your best friend in the whole wide world right Gor Gor?
Kay: Yes but just now we fight...
Dyl: Ya and I cried like a gorilla neh neh pops!

Me: *ROFL!!!*

Kay: Good night Dylan!
Dyl: Good night Kayden poot poot!
Kay: Hey! I not your best friend already, Dylan Seow the backside man!
Dyl: Oi! I don't be your best friend already you keep calling me Dylan!

*Dylan only likes to be called Di Di or Dyl Dyl by his brother :p*

So there you have it, the things brothers say before they sleep, I wonder what the conversations will be like 10 years later. I will update here if I am still invited to their room then, haha! Good night everybody!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fabulous 4 hopefully!

Oh my god Dylan! You are 4! I used to laugh when my Pa - your Gong Gong, say to me, "What happened to my little girl?" but now I am saying it to you, what happened to my little baby boy?!?

When you turned three last year, your character was emerging and it hit us big time this past year as you struggle to control that temper of yours. Of all things, you had to inherit that from me, sigh :( But what a character you are, a walking firecracker all of us are afraid to ignite hee hee :) Yet with a smile so sweet and a face that cute, you can talk me into giving you anything. Yup, we wonder too where you got that glib tongue from :)

We want to tell you on this special day, that we love you very much and that life would be a big yawn without my little baby boy! Happy birthday sweetie!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Esprit de Us

A few weeks ago I told you of our fun shopping trip to Esprit! Well, after much effort I finally managed to get those two boys of mine down to the studio to model their Esprit outfits. I've said it before and I will say it again, my kids are my most horrible clients! Eck! And I had to be in the shots too, now that don't happen often. So please excuse the messy hair and un-ironed clothes as I present to you Esprit de Us! :D A big thank you to Esprit again for the outfits! We will be visiting you often from now :)