Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween with the 3 witches of The Studio Loft

It's been awhile since we had our own studio sessions. Here's one we did just for fun. We used to have these crew shoots more often when Dylan was around, now that he has started school, we got lazy :p But we will definitely be doing this more often from now on.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A major investment

This morning, I made one of the biggest decision of my adult life (besides getting married, having my first child, starting a business etc), I bought a SOHO!

Although it's a few years away from completion, it could be my future studio, a place for the kids to enjoy condominium facilities, or even a place I rent out. Who knows? It's still some time away to think of it all but as of now, I am pretty happy and excited with my purchase :) "Mummy, how are you going to carry home the new house?" Kayden asked when we told him that we bought a new place *LOL!* My precocious 5 year old!

It's a studio unit with a loft - The Studio Loft! Haha how apt right? Click links to view the property from ground level and the loft area. It's so lovely :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The baby has left the nest

It's official, the small one has taken flight. He started school more than a month ago and has been doing great so far. Teachers says he's attentive and interested and eats well too! What more can we ask for? He turns 2years 4months today but already at this age he is far more advanced in social and linguistic skills than his gor gor was at the same age. Not that we are comparing but Dylan always surprises us with the things he can do and say rather than the things he can't. We feel fortunate that he has adapted so easily to school but I do miss him a lot in the studio :( It's different without him around, our in house model/guinea pig.

At this age, he has a terrible temper though! Often, his brother will bear the brunt of his angry assults. When frustrated or when he doesn't get what he wants, this small thing will hit his brother and sometimes even me or his daddy. It's getting to the point where we have to bring out the cane or use the thinking chair to make him stop. On the flip side, he is also very loving! When I fell asleep on the couch the other day, tired from work, he crept up to my cheek and planted two kisses on me :) When gor gor cries for whatever reason (which is quite often!), he will take a tissue to him and say, "Gor Gor don't cry." then give him a hug. He is also very clever in manipulating your emotions. When he sees you getting angry with him, he will quickly put on the sweetest smile and say, "Sorry mummy!". Darn this little rascal! As his daddy put it, he can commit murder and get away with it.

I think the best part of sending him to school is when I pick him up from school. He sees you at the door and flashes you the brightest and happiest grin before exclaiming as he runs to you joyfully with a loud, "MUMMEEEEE!!!". Awww :)

I am not pregnant, I am fat

Ok so there I've said it.
I've never been this depressed about my shape (or lack of) before.
From M size or UK10, I've ballooned to L or XL or UK14!

Getting a $200 pair of running shoes only got me running for 3 days :p I have ZERO stamina, it's worse than giving birth, I think I'd rather go into labour than run 1km, it's too difficult!

I tried not eating lunch because those two girls in my studio seem to survive on just air :p thought I could do that as well but the tummy complains to my legs who then walks to get food for it :s

When one client asked me how far along I was, I almost grabbed her by the throat and wanted to say you are not that skinny yourself, Porky! But I didn't and just said meekly, "Oh it's tough to get rid of this belly after #2." Grrrr!

Plastic surgery is out of the question because I am too chicken to go under the knife.

I've contemplated hiring a personal trainer like Bob on The Biggest Loser to whip me into shape but where to find one in Singapore without going to the gym? I have no time as it is for 6 hours of sleep each night, let alone an hour at the gym.

Please let this be a nightmare that I wake up from and back to my post-Kayden-breastfeeding days when I was svelt and even my close friends noticed that I was in better shape then than before pregnancy!

Dylan boy! You have turned your mummy into a chubby person who looks forever 5 months pregnant.


Help me please, anyone.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just happy being children

Kids they don't bear grudges
They live for the moment
It's either happy or sad
No in between or grey areas
Ours adore each other
And we love them heaps too
Happy Children's Day kids! :)