Sunday, June 28, 2009

Portobello Fettuccine

I was supposed to cook and serve this dish for Dylan's garden party but I totally forgot about it till the guests started arriving :s Anyway it's a really simple dish and I love the simple ingredients plus it is vegetarian yet still packs a punch from the portobello mushrooms so do give it a try!

200g of fettuccine pasta (or amount enough for 2)
4 big portobello mushrooms or 6 small ones
1 big onion
1 ripe tomato or a few dollops of tomato sauce
5 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
salt and black pepper to taste
sprinkle of dried basil
chilli flakes (optional)

Cook the fettuccine as per instructions on pack and coat with some olive oil after draining. Set aside.
Chop the mushrooms and tomato coarsly and the onion finely.
Heat some olive oil in a medium pan and fry the onion till slightly brown and fragrant.
Add in the mushrooms and vinegar and stir for a few minutes till the vinegar starts to caramelise.
Toss in the tomato and let it cook before including the pasta.
Mix well.
Sprinkle in the basil and chilli flakes before serving.
Enjoy! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Garden Party

We had a little garden party for Dylan two days after his 1st birthday. Thank you to all his jie jies, uncles, aunties and friends who came to celebrate with him :)

A very helpful Gor Gor who chipped in while we set up

The marshmellow lollis for the kids!

Hitomi & Kayden

Charlene and Hitomi with the birthday boy who just woke up

Ashley joins in

Manja & Manja


Corinne with baby Chloe

Jaeden the streaker! Hehee, when we laughed at him he covered his eyes instead of his pp :D

The itsy bitsys of Mei Ring - Yuhan and Chufan

Dylan's godma Ik Hui and Aunty Candida


The Beastie Boys!

Dylan with braddell view Gong Gong

The lonely birthday boy...

taking a walk

and he got swooped by Ashley jie jie!

Some acrobatic entertainment from my dad haha!


Dyl with Charlene jie jie and Kevin gor gor

The cake before and after the decor which are made by Aunty Edith! Don't they just look too good to eat?

You can have that little piece over there Gor Gor, the rest is mine!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dads are...

Our dads are always left out, this Father's Day, make sure you have a great moment captured with your dad at The Studio Loft.

This is our tribute to all fathers out there, Happy Father's Day!!

We have decided to run this promotion upon many of your requests after the Mothers' Day one. Please watch this little video we created for the details :)

Song credit: Michael Buble
Software: Picasa
Photos: The Studio Loft

I have been told by Facebook that I am infringing on copyrights by using the song by Michael Buble, here's a version without music.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dylan is ONE!

My baby boy, you turn one today! Seems like just yesterday you came into our lives. Time really flies with the second child, it's true!

You have achieved all your developmental milestones, most of them in advance. I break into a smile when I think of your beaming face when you took your first steps unassisted, how you give a fake wail when you know you can get your way by doing just that or how your mouth opens into an oval "O" when you sleep. It's all just too cute sometimes it makes me wanna give you a big squeeze :)

Your giggles and laughter that sometimes escalates into guffaws are the funniest and most infectious sounds ever! I don't think there's anybody who will not laugh along with you when they hear your guffaw :D I hope you will keep your cheer with a ready laugh anytime.

I must let you know that I totally enjoy this first year and may the rest of the years be just as enjoyable. You have a way about you that makes people love you, your brother is one of them. He is seldom jealous of you and you always break into a smile when you see him. You both are just the best gifts your father ever gave me :p

Happy 1st birthday Dylan, we all love you very much! May you stay cheerful and be happy always.

Mummy, Daddy & Kayden

Here are some photos we took today.

At Grandma's house for lunch, she spelt your name wrongly on the cake!

Is this for me?


Catch phrase for the day "oh oh!"

Hanging around while the adults try to get the candle lighted

Gor Gor singing Happy Birthday song for DiDi

Dyl is eyeing the cake

still eyeing...


Gor Gor has been eyeing this piece from the start and attacked it the moment the candle was blown out!

I must have a bite of it too...

Ummm, it's yummy!

Savouring the sweetness

Can I have some more please?

At the studio for a few shots

Watch out...

Flying cupcake!

Oh oh, sorry mummy *twiddles fingers*

How about a cheeky smile?

Check out Gor Gor's face! :D

Ok now what?

Haha this one I cropped in close becoz the expressions on these two were hilarious! Kayden snatching the cake away from Dylan and Dyl wailing

Can I eat the cake now?!?