Friday, April 17, 2009

That toothy smile

Ok I am almost a week late posting Dylan's 10th month old entry! My apologies to the toothy smiler, this is THE smile I so love from him, showing all 4 teeth with 2 more on top peeking through the gums:

He also has a new toy, a finger lollipop:

Dearest boobu,
I have to say I am rather disappointed that you have not started walking unassisted yet! You started standing with support at 2 months old and I really thought you would beat your brother's 10.5mths record at walking but nooo, you are such a cautious little thing that the moment you feel unsafe, you drop like a hot potato and revert to crawling :p You still have a week left to match your bro's record so "jia you"!

Friends and family say that you have slimmed down, we can now see your neck and your face is sharper. It's no wonder, you've been stuck at 9.something kg for the longest time and you have grown longer/taller. Lookwise, I would say you look better as your features become more defined. The double eyelid on your left eye is quite permanent now but the right eye's fold remains hidden. Your daddy say you look weird like that but I think it just makes you unique :)

You love your brother so much, evident from your big smile each time you see him in the morning and when we pick him up from school. I enjoy seeing the both of you interact and play with each other. You respond to your talkative brother's ramblings with squawks and soothing noises which sound like the whale's singing.

We have to be wary of how we speak around your presence as you are sensitive to speech tones and patterns now. For example when you misbehave or fuss for no reason, I just need to give a stern "hey" and you will instantly turn your mouth upside down and drop your head with exaggerated force to rest on me, apologetic and acknowledging that you have done wrong. When your brother raises his voice, you scrunch up your face and wail immediately, looking to me for justice, tearless of course :p If you get no attention from us, you will stop just as soon as you started :s

There are a few words which you understand and respond to. They are "Bye", "Clap", "Pose" and "No". I don't know where you picked up "pose" from but it's certainly not how I tell my clients to do while shooting! hahaha! Your brother started this pose too on his 1st birthday exactly. Looks like it runs in the family :D

Oh and you had your first hair cut at the barber's on Good Friday!

You screamed the shop down and by the time they were done with you, your face was a mess of tears, snort and hair :s I am dreading your future visits already.

Little boy, I hope your toothy smiles will be with you always, even when you are an old man with just that many teeth as you have now.

MUMM-Ma (that's what you've been calling me lately ;P)

*photos (except the last one) taken with the iPhone at Marche*


yanyan's mummy said...

Aiyo, Isn't he adorable :D

Melissa said...

What a cutie pie! :-)