Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The cheeky boy is 14 months old! He's always up to some kind of mischief especially when he has his partner in crime with him - Kayden :p He cracks me up when he imitates what he observes, like swinging his arms back and forth like how Braddell View Gong Gong exercises...when you least expects it, he suddenly comes up to you and says "tiki tiki tiki" while tickling your tummy with his little fingers (like how his brother and me like to do to him) :D

The eyeshadow he has been sporting for the past few weeks over his right eye was my fault :( I turned away for a second to get his towel after his bath and he slipped and fell down from the sink. Ahhh, his daddy never let me forget it. That hurt :s

Anyway my cheeky little boy, you make me smile always without fail with your cheeky grin, happy 14th month :)


Angela said...

Love these pictures...and Dylan has changed. Looks a lot like his brother.

Jayne said...

He looks SO much like his brother now! Very adorable!