Friday, October 23, 2009

Dive into a world beyond your imagination

Last Tuesday, the boys and I were invited to the grand premiere of IMAX Under The Sea at the Omni-Theatre. The event was a result of the strategic scientific tie-up between Mead Johnson Nutrition (Singapore) and the Singapore Science Centre to further enhance learning for young children. I must say I was quite excited as this was my first event invite based on my blogger status! Kayden too was excited as he has now moved past his cow phase and into sharks and turtles. I wasn’t sure if Dylan would enjoy the movie but the programme showed that it was only 50mins long so nothing a quick nurse in the theatre can’t fix (so I thought). Erwin has never seen an Imax movie before so the whole family was all geared up!

Narrated by Jim Carrey, the movie was enjoyable especially on the huge dome screen. Kayden kept asking before the show why we had to lie down to watch the movie but once it began, he was enthralled. Dylan was lying on top of Erwin and he was happy to point out any movements on the big screen above him. We were introduced to lots of interesting sea creatures - the garden of eels, the playful sea lion, the luminously beautiful jellyfish, the stone fish and many more. Kayden practically screamed out “SHARK!” when the great white made its appearance and my favourite was the enchanting sea dragon :)

Dylan couldn’t take it after 30mins and after I nursed him he fell asleep. Kayden was asking questions non-stop and we had to shush him a few times :p But all was good and we got to the end of the movie without disturbing the other patrons too much.

I was expecting to see Jayne there and I did! :p Her Kate is so chubby and cute I was almost jealous why my Dylan can’t be as chubbs like her ;) Then the funniest thing happened, ok it’s not funny funny but to me as a photographer it was. Many a time after I take a shot of my kids, there were occasions when they got into “trouble” while I was busy reviewing the shot. And I get an earful each time from Erwin when this happened. So there I was standing around when I saw Kate rolled off a short platform while her dad was reviewing a shot he just took of her. Hahahaha, aren’t all photographers who are parents the same :p GUILTY!

Under The Sea opens on 5th November. The Omni-Theatre experience is totally different from a traditional one and the movie is not too long for the young ones’ short attention span. So do bring your kids and dive into a world beyond your imagination!

(Some pictures taken during the reception)

Before you head on down to the Science Center, you might want to grab a tin of milk from Mead Johnson Nutrition because with every purchase of Enfagrow A+ / Enfakid A+ / EnfaSchool A+, you will receive a Free Complimentary Science Centre ticket (Child). Adults will also receive discount vouchers for the Science Center, Snow City as well as the Omni Theatre! This promotion starts from 5th of November and ends on the 30th of November, and is only available in Fair Price outlets.

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