Sunday, November 22, 2009

You eat a lot and a lot!

We were visiting Braddell View grandma at the hospital the other day and as children under 12 years old were not allowed to go into the wards, I entertained the kids while Erwin went up to see his mum.

There was a little girl running around where we were seated and she came to interact with Dylan. Kayden got possessive and pleaded for me to carry didi, "wait other people take him away!" he insists. I asked him if he would like a mei mei like that little girl and he said firmly,"No, I want another didi just like this one." (points to Dylan) I persisted,"You already have a didi, isn't it nice if we have a mei mei?"

"NO! I want mummy to give birth to another didi, must be the same as this one! I don't like mei mei."

"How to give birth? Mummy old already."

"You just eat a lot and a lot then can give birth to didi!"

HAHAHAHAHA! I burst out laughing and couldn't stop for a good 30 seconds or so :D How innocent is a child's mind, he thinks a pregnant belly is from eating too much ;P

I teased him,"Then how about Kayden eat a lot and a lot then you can give birth to a didi?"

"Nooo, I want mummy to give birth and I want 40 didis just like this one!"

Oh dear :p


Grace said...

That is so sweet that he loves his brother so much. Hilarious!

kristalangel said...

40 didis? ... u better start cracking, momma !! .. go for multiples ... ! lol !!

eh, u not old lar ... hahahah! can still have a few more kids. at least 2 more ..

Jayne said...

So cute! 40?? haha..

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... so funny. can see he loves his didi very much :)

Wendy said...

40!!! *fainted* all the best to u mommy... eat a lot a lot ok.