Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mama no more

In Erwin's family, they call grandma "mama" and mother "mummy". So when Dylan started calling me "mama", my mother-in-law kept correcting him to call me "mummy". Of cos he didn't and this went on for a few months till my mother-in-law's birthday dinner celebrations on the 27th of March last month. During dinner and since then, he has been calling me "mummy"! :) How peculiar kids are.

Dylan also did some modelling for my friend's blogshop Poppletots. He did really well! Even with the countless outfit changes, he did not grumble and was most obliging in front of the camera when we asked him to jump, smile, pose etc.

doesn't he look like a little Jason Mraz here? :D

i reckon this will be the last time i can shoot him naked with his baby fats (not much left)

rocker to the max!

So I thought since he did so well in the studio, shouldn't be too bad if I used him for the ION Orchard fashion shoot and he outdid himself there too as you can see from this post. Here is my favourite picture from the shoot.

I am not one of those mothers who constantly brag about their kids but this time I would like to brag that besides being a great actor, Dylan is a supermodel too! kekeke

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