Friday, June 18, 2010

Asia Exposed - the trailer

Some weeks ago, I blogged about my first 2 days in India. Most of you would have been in the dark about why I was there as I didn't elaborate. Well, wonder no more! I am one of 6 photographers being featured in a documentary series on Channel Newsasia.

ASIA Exposed is a 6-part series that follows established photographers on eye-opening quests in search of the true meaning of their role behind the lens. Through the experience of these 6 individuals, social issues and humanitarian causes are brought to light. For the first time, we will understand the sacrifices they make and the price they pay for their art.

Premiering 29 June, Tuesday, at these times:
- 830pm: sing/ hk/ mnl
- 900pm: del
- 730pm: jkt

EXCLUSIVELY on Channel NewsAsia

View the very nicely edited trailer below. Beware, you will see one drama-mama crying like a fool! More on my experience in another post :)

ASIA Exposed facebook group


J.H said...

any chance I can watch it in UK? :D

maryann koh said...

heh i doubt so jess but if they have the episodes on Youtube after the series airs, i will let you know :)

Kishan said...

Hi Maryanh,

Good job, really felt very happy and touched seeing the series.
1. Eyes started to fill with tears when you told why you were crying. Many of us never thought about that.
2. You have choosed a great subject and made us to know the life, problem they are facing around them.

Wonderful work…keep going…good luck...

Kishan S

Benjamin Ang said...