Friday, March 18, 2011

Portrait swop with Zurina Bryant

A few months ago, fellow photographer Zurina Bryant posted on her Facebook that she is looking to update her profile picture and welcome any photographer to do a portrait swop with her. I thought it would be a fun challenge and responded to her request seeing that I needed some pictures myself :p We did her session first as my hair was still a mess from the short crop done over CNY. We had a blast and lots of laughs during the session. In case you do not know, photographers are horrible in front of the camera but check out Miss Z! She totally looked like a seasoned model ;)

Thanks again for the opportunity Zurina, till we meet again for my session. Cheers! :)


Grace said...

NAIS! I also want you to my portrait leh. But not coming home this year, so sad. Next year, I book you, ok?

maryann koh said...

hey grace, of cos of cos, you take me and my boys also ok? hee hee. i've hardly any photos with them. oh that reminds me Wen Lin took some shots of me and the kids a few weeks ago! i will go process those shots this weekend :D

Zurina Bryant said...

Thanks for the pics / session Maryann - you're up next :-D

Just let us know when you have time! :-)

Anonymous said...

nice pics !!!