Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't have any pictures with my children!

Many mothers who are also photographers will understand me when I say,"I don't have any pictures with my children!". It's true. We are always behind the lens and the person who has the most shots with the kids is the daddy-o! So last month, I took advantage of a day where I had no shoots and the boys had no school and we took the train down to Sentosa beach with Wen Lin jie jie in tow to help us shoot some mother and sons pictures. I've just finished editing the pictures and I think Wen Lin did a swell job, thanks girl! :)

more on my facebook.


eunice said...

wah! SEXY mummy!

p2me1a said...

I like the b&w bare bottom shot! :)

hello, Maryann! happen to chance upon your blog today. Didn't know you had one. We've met before but I'm not sure if you remember me - am the mummy with twins that you took pix of for Sister Kang's book on breastfeeding :) I finally managed to get all the pix you took of us from Mt A, only a few months ago. I've a blog too, come by sometime :)


maryann koh said...

hi pamela, yup i remember you! are you the one who also gave the inspirational speech during the book launch? hehe, ok will check out your blog tonight! cheers and happy breastfeeding!


Pamela Tan said...

Hi Maryann,

Yes, I did give a speech at the book launch cum centre opening. I hope my speech was the one you found inspirational! :)