Friday, May 6, 2011

the cuties who hopped out :D

Here are some of my favourite shots from our recently ended Easter Hop-Out shoot! Overall I have to say that the weather was very unkind to us but we got lucky on the second day with dark clouds looming the whole day but the rain did not fall till we left :) WIN! As for Joanne, Wen Lin and I, we felt like we have returned from battle with mud, rain, sweat and insect bites all over us. I developed some allergy during the shoot, it was either to chocolate (we only ate a chocolate cupcake each that day) or to the grass. Either way, it would be tragic! I was scratching like a monkey for the next couple of days and developed hives :-/ A client told me today that it must have been the pesticide that was on the grass, aha! Anyway, here are the pictures, more to come as I finish editing them, enjoy! :)

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