Sunday, July 10, 2011

the Brat who loves Me

(photo taken with the HTC Sensation smartphone)

When the terrible two tantrums didn't come, we were pleasantly surprised and silently happy. Silent because if you celebrate "out loud", then the opposite might happen :p As we witness others' two year olds behaving obnoxiously, we silently scoffed and marveled at how sweet and adorable ours was. Well one of us must have accidentally displayed our emotions because now that we have past Dylan's 3rd year, all the signs of a brat has started to emerge :s He has bouts of terrible rage and tantrums which he seem unable to control. He would hit out at us or his brother and scream or shout in protest before giving you one extremely evil angry look! When these displays of brattish behaviour happen in public, I wished the earth would just swallow me up.

But then again, he has this other side of him that's cheeky and funny, adorable and clever that makes you wonder if he was possessed that moment ago when he flew into a tumultuous tantrum! Here are some examples of the other side of Dylan.

I was drinking apple juice and his sharp eyes spotted that. He came up to me asking for some. I said no, you already had yours. He then said,"Mummy, sharing is caring!" (a phrase we often use when wanting him to share with his brother) :D

He has been going diaper-less in the afternoons after his nap till bedtime. When we were in the car the other day after picking him from school, I asked if he needed to pass urine. He said no. While daddy was parking the car at our block he suddenly exclaimed that he needs to WEE WEE! I panicked and asked if he could hold it till we get home? He replied exasperatedly, "That's why I don't like LIKE THIS! (points to his diaper-less crotch area) I want to wear pampers!!!" :s

He doesn't let anyone else hold my left hand as that is meant for him (and him alone). When gor gor accidentally holds that preferred left hand of mine he will shout possessively," That's MY MUMMY!" and proceeds to tear off his brother's hand. On occasions when I am tired and can no longer bao bao him, he relents and let's daddy carry. I will then hold Kayden's hand and he will be looking over daddy's shoulder and explaining to gor gor,"That's my mummy, later you give me back ok gor gor?" Haha! All if a sudden, I feel like an object!

When I ask him to do something and he doesn't listen, I'll say,"I'm going to count to 3!" and start counting threateningly "ONE!....TWOOO!!!...." Then that bugger continues counting to 10 while doing whatever I was asking him to before the counting started :-|

Some days he will be very considerate, like when I've been carrying him for some time, he will suddenly say,"Mummy tired, I will walk walk" and he will come down!

When I drop him off in school, he will not let you go without a hug and a kiss. On days when you feel and look like crap, he comes and hug you and say,"My cute mummy!" awwww, how not to love this little brat you tell me?

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Anonymous said...

the wee wee thing is REALLY SUPER FUNNY .. so is the left hand. so gor gor can hold right hand only ?? so funny ... bernice also started behaving badly close to 3yo. we didnt have terrible 2 too.. or maybe it's all a delayed telecast !!! nightmare for the next year ??