Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So yay! We survived the first month into Primary 1. What a nightmare it was waking up at 530am each morning! It was hell for the first 3 weeks and believe me, weekends take on a whole new meaning :p

The first morning to school was very exciting. All four of us were out of the door at 640am. We didn't know then but this was too late to beat the traffic at Bartley Road. We have to be at least 10mins earlier if we want to avoid that bottleneck area. To beat the heavy traffic, Kay and I took the train one stop away while daddy continued to the school in the car. This worked well, we arrived just on time.

Lots of activity at the drop off area as anxious parents stood around watching their sons being ushered to their classrooms. We were not allowed anywhere beyond the drop off area, not even to the canteen. The teachers assured as that there will be a P5 buddy to guide them during recess time and that the teachers will take care of everything else and that we have to go home and just trust them with their job. But how can we? He's still my baby, so clueless and innocent. After a wave goodbye and watching him walk away till he turned the bend, we finally left. No tears.

We arrived back at the school during dismissal hoping to see him before he heads to student care services. Waited and waited but no signs of him, I was getting anxious and worried! We were then told that students going to the student care centre are waiting at another area and we quickly rushed there. From afar, I spotted him and he spotted us too and stood up and waved. I started crying, all my pent up worries and frustrations at not being able to watch over him this first day in school just started pouring out in tears. I've never been happier to see my boy! The last time I cried like this was when he was 21mths old and I left him at childcare after being with him for the first 3 days. I was peeping at him crying through the school's gate, myself crying as well :( Now he's in primary school but it still feels the same.

Well, all that drama aside, we are happy that he has settled in after some hiccups encountered during the initial few days, like not having a P5 buddy and not being able to finish his lunch in time etc. Even mummy and daddy are trying to get adjusted to the amount of homework and stuff a P1 boy has to complete and we are receiving emails from the teachers almost everyday telling us what needs to be done etc. VERY stressful! So far he has aced all his spelling tests and ting xie too, we are so proud, his daddy's hard work paying off :)

Keep up the good work darling Kay and we will be with you on this journey for the next 6 years!  

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