Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Garden Party

We had a little garden party for Dylan two days after his 1st birthday. Thank you to all his jie jies, uncles, aunties and friends who came to celebrate with him :)

A very helpful Gor Gor who chipped in while we set up

The marshmellow lollis for the kids!

Hitomi & Kayden

Charlene and Hitomi with the birthday boy who just woke up

Ashley joins in

Manja & Manja


Corinne with baby Chloe

Jaeden the streaker! Hehee, when we laughed at him he covered his eyes instead of his pp :D

The itsy bitsys of Mei Ring - Yuhan and Chufan

Dylan's godma Ik Hui and Aunty Candida


The Beastie Boys!

Dylan with braddell view Gong Gong

The lonely birthday boy...

taking a walk

and he got swooped by Ashley jie jie!

Some acrobatic entertainment from my dad haha!


Dyl with Charlene jie jie and Kevin gor gor

The cake before and after the decor which are made by Aunty Edith! Don't they just look too good to eat?

You can have that little piece over there Gor Gor, the rest is mine!


J.H said...

Happy belated birthday Dylan!
Thanks for sharing such a lovely picture, I enjoy looking at all of them. The colour is just so lively and warm, simply beautiful!

rachel said...

Love your LO. Where did you get it from?

maryann koh said...

dylan says thank you aunty jess! :)

rachel, what is LO? LOllies? LOcation? haha, sorry i may be out of touch :p

Rachel said...

LO = layout. I love your invite. Did you use some digital scrapbooking set to do it up?
By the way, love Dyl's birthday cake. And your party is such a lovely idea. :)

maryann koh said...

haha i see! ok i must confess i know nothing about scrapbooking except that it's very expensive :p so with Dyl's invite i use this freeware SMILEBOX to create a page, but it was nothing like the invite, i had to use additional elements from other sources and added in my own "text area" for the copy. thanks again to Aunty Edith for making the cake toppers otherwise it would just be an ordinary chocolate cake :)

kristalangel said...

awwww Happy Belated Birthday to Dylan .. !! Awesome party and pics !! .. looks like everyone had a swell time !!

mommys said...

where did u get the lollies? how price? its v cute! u are v creative

maryann koh said...

thanks aunty kristal! :)
mommys, i got them from Bake It Yourself they were $1.80 each :)

rachel said...

I see. Yah. I've been using smilebox too.. :) it's a great web-site...