Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I wonder wonder wonder...

It's 2 minutes to Dylan's birthday and as I was playing with him during bedtime earlier, I wondered what was going through his mind a year ago.

Swimming in my womb, he must have been going through his exit plan for the umpteen time, whether it's a good time to make his grand appearance or to let me wait awhile longer. I guess he must have decided that it's getting too squeezy and uncomfortable and being considerate of not stealing Gor Gor's birth weight record (4.475kg!), yet giving himself something to boast about (his birth length was longer than Gor Gor's by 1cm - 55cm), he made up his mind to break out of the oven a day before his due date (much to my surprise) and showed his mummy what a cute little bub he is and that two boys are just as fun as any daughter :p

By being born, he made me stopped wondering and started loving and appreciating this sweet sweet baby boy, my second son - Dylan :)

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