Friday, January 22, 2010

Newborn Gauthier - 12 days young

It must be a month of newborns! The next day after we shot Kayla, we went to this little man's home to shoot him. His mummy received a gift cert from her colleagues for a newborn shoot by The Studio Loft. This must be the most relaxed shoot for us, mummy was happy to leave baby G in our hands and daddy popped in during his lunch hour to take a few shots with the little guy. The light in their home that afternoon was pretty good and we were happy with the shots, hopefully they will too!

This is my fav shot, mummy told me that the daddy has really nice hands and that I have to capture a shot that shows it off, so here's the shot, the wedding band is a great plus :)

The chinese will say he's gonna be a naughty boy with two "zhngs" but which boy isn't naughty? ;)

A sweet sweet dream he must be having


J.H said...

what a lovely intimate pictures :-) love it!

maryann koh said...

thank you jess, i am most happy with this set of photos too :)