Friday, January 22, 2010

Newborn Kayla - 8 days young

This new year started badly for me, I was down with a viral fever and couldn't work long hours as the fever drained my energy and I felt terrible just standing up. It was tough! I lost a kilo after 10 days of suffering but it all came back after just a few meals when I got my appetite back! How unfair :p

Anyway I was supposed to shoot this little lady at her home when she was 6 days old but I was still ill so we delayed the shoot till a couple days later. Baby Kayla was a delight to shoot once she got herself sleepy. We managed to get quite a few shots. It was also the first time I see a baby cup-feed so well! Way to go Kayla, may you grow up healthy like your daddy and pretty like your mama :)

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