Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ASIA Exposed episode 2 - Unveiling the Third Gender

"Baby photographer, Maryann Koh, who is used to capturing the innocence, purity and well-defined genders of her subjects, sparks a personal interest to break away from gender-biasness by photographing “The Third Gender”, the Hijras (transgenders) in India."

Yes! After weeks of waiting and in the making, tonight will be the telecast of my episode on Channel Newsasia. I don't know what to expect as it will be my first time viewing the episode as well. I am hoping that in any small way, I have made a contribution to the Hijra community by raising awareness of the prejudice against them and may they live in a world without prejudice in the near future.

View the episode trailer.

View the opening sequence.

Do join me in my journey by tuning in at 830pm tonight :)

You can also get more information and follow the rest of the documentary series from their Facebook group.


Anonymous said...


I've always been reading your entries and was very happy to see your episode on CNA. I've always been interested in the Hijras as I've watched a documentary on them before. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a comment just to let you know I enjoyed your feature and it did impact me tremendously. I do hope that there are many others who feel the same way as I do. I'm still a student and have always wanted to be a photojournalist. It's my ambition, so from looking at your photos on Asia Exposed, it really did convince me that photos can really tell a story and can be a tool to change social stigmas.

Thanks for the wonderful portrayal of the different side of life.

Wishing you all the best.


maryann koh said...

hi E, you have no idea how happy i was to read your comment. it made me feel that what i have done and went through was all worth it in India. i wish you success in your pursuit of photojournalism as a career.

thanks again for your kind words :)

madhan said...

this is really good work
its be honour to salute
whts in ur mind how feel to took snap
i tried these snapa but i dint receive this qulity
wht to do 'any idea of that work
i pleased to know
pls give me reply
i dint get the color which i tool but scene or good wht i expected is not there

maryann koh said...

hello madhan, thanks for your comment. i will email you regarding this. perhaps you would like to email me a sample shot of what you took and let me know what you want to achieve from that shot and i will give you my input and suggestions?