Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bali 2010 - The extremely tiring second day

It's a good morning on our second day in Bali! We had to be up early as we were scheduled to meet our driver guide at 9am and getting kids ready is you know...never easy ;)

The nude milk-drinker

Our breakfast prepared and cooked in our villa by our lady butler :)

We met Pedro, our driver guide and headed northwards to a temple which housed a holy spring, the Tirta Empul Temple in Tampark Siring. It was a really long car ride there and I was stuck at the back seat keeping the kids entertained. By the time we got there, the small one was grouchy (check out his pout) and the big one lost his enthusiasm.

I think the Mr Grumpy shirt should go to Dylan ;P

It was also at this temple that Dyl had a fall and scraped his chin but as we will find out later, it's nothing compared to the many mosquito bites he will suffer! Strangely the kid's blood must be sweeter because us adults got just one or two bites, go figure! We asked Pedro to help us take a family shot in front of the temple, he decided to include the sky so in the picture we had the very beautiful blue sky and all of us in sillouette hahahaha! Attempt at family picture #2 fail!

Next stop was the volcano. Pedro was engaging us in conversations with him so we won't be bored. He's a father of a little girl about Dylan's age but she's 3kg heavier :p He wants a son next as it is hindu custom that the son looks after his parents. Another fact we learnt, the majority of Balinese are hindus! We thought Indonesia was a nation of muslims but no, Pedro explained that in Bali, almost everyone is hindu.

Along the way we passed many villages, Pedro tells us that each village will specialise in a particular handicraft. We saw one that makes beautiful kites! Many were stone and wood carvers and there were also a few that make jewellery. There were also many shops that sold synthetic rattan furniture, very nice to have by the pool area IF I lived in a bungalow *dream dream* Pedro says he's from a village of wood carvers. I find it really interesting that every Balinese will specialise in a certain craft and it makes you wonder how all of them are born creative?

Ta dah! We arrived at last! Here's the view of the volcanos. We also had the worse lunch ever at a restaurant here. I think the only thing keeping it in operation is the view :p

We had another failed attempt at family picture #3 here, both kids having been woken up were not in the least bit happy.

Pedro next suggested the Ubud market for some shopping, hurray! But damn, it was crowded and there was no parking plus the kids had already dozed off in the car so we decided to give it a miss and started our journey back down south to Uluwatu. Along the way, Pedro stopped us at a scenic rice paddy field. He said he will watch the kids while we took some photos. I love this shot of these girls trying to lift the heavy basket :D

Eventually, their father or uncle had to take over the job hehe :p

We arrived in Uluwatu just in time to to see the beautiful sunset plus a free show of two frisky monkeys doing IT right in front of us! :p They were notorious for snatching caps, sunglasses or anything off you if you are not aware so Kayden was screaming for me to stay away from the wall where they were seated as I jostled for a better spot to get my shot. Sometimes this boy worry too much!

It's been a really long day, we were all beat when we arrived back at the villa. We bade Pedro farewell and had a really nice Italian dinner at Trattoria before walking back to the villa to call it a day.

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Jer said...

WOW!!! Nice vacation.....but is the price high?

maryann koh said...

hi jer, haha if you had read Day 1, you would know that we ended up paying DOUBLE becoz our travel companions stuffed up their flight bookings so we ended up paying a bomb for our lodging.
day1 blog post here:

Jer said...

I will love to have such holidays with my family! So are all the services like the cooking and transportation, driver aka tour guide part of the hotel package?

maryann koh said...

the butler is part of the villa's service. as for transportation, we had free transport to and from the airport and anywhere we would like to go (nearby) subject to availability. the driver aka tour guide was one we hired on our own. it was about S$70 for a full day of travel, petrol all inclusive.

Jer said...

Thanks for the sharing :D

barefoot girl said...

Awesome photos!!

eunice said...