Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bali 2010 - Last minute shopping & SPA

Our final full day in Bali was met with a light drizzle in the morning but it cleared soon after breakfast. I've decided that today, it was going to be shopping and a spa treatment for me at the villa while the kids took their afternoon nap :)

Look mum! We have a palm tree sticking out of our heads :D

We also indulged the kids by letting them swim as long as they liked in the pool. After the tips of their little toes and fingers resembled raisins did they finally get out of the pool for a bath.

Family photo attempt in the bath tub was failure #4 as putting the camera on timer and running into position without tripping on the wet floor was quite a feat! Then not to mention we have no control over the kids' expressions when the shutter clicks :p Check out this failed attempt, my right knee in an awkward position, Kay's fake half smile and Dyl's "bo chup" face!

But I did managed to get some shots of the boys enjoying their bath.

Attempt #5...


and #7

Ok you get the picture! I gave up after attempt #7 and decided to just shoot the kids. This is my favourite picture of the both of them together. So loving, makes my heart melt :D

More of the villa before we leave...

Goodbye Bali, we will miss you! Hope to visit again someday.


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