Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A major investment

This morning, I made one of the biggest decision of my adult life (besides getting married, having my first child, starting a business etc), I bought a SOHO!

Although it's a few years away from completion, it could be my future studio, a place for the kids to enjoy condominium facilities, or even a place I rent out. Who knows? It's still some time away to think of it all but as of now, I am pretty happy and excited with my purchase :) "Mummy, how are you going to carry home the new house?" Kayden asked when we told him that we bought a new place *LOL!* My precocious 5 year old!

It's a studio unit with a loft - The Studio Loft! Haha how apt right? Click links to view the property from ground level and the loft area. It's so lovely :)

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Anonymous said...

congrats !! looks great !!