Monday, October 11, 2010

I am not pregnant, I am fat

Ok so there I've said it.
I've never been this depressed about my shape (or lack of) before.
From M size or UK10, I've ballooned to L or XL or UK14!

Getting a $200 pair of running shoes only got me running for 3 days :p I have ZERO stamina, it's worse than giving birth, I think I'd rather go into labour than run 1km, it's too difficult!

I tried not eating lunch because those two girls in my studio seem to survive on just air :p thought I could do that as well but the tummy complains to my legs who then walks to get food for it :s

When one client asked me how far along I was, I almost grabbed her by the throat and wanted to say you are not that skinny yourself, Porky! But I didn't and just said meekly, "Oh it's tough to get rid of this belly after #2." Grrrr!

Plastic surgery is out of the question because I am too chicken to go under the knife.

I've contemplated hiring a personal trainer like Bob on The Biggest Loser to whip me into shape but where to find one in Singapore without going to the gym? I have no time as it is for 6 hours of sleep each night, let alone an hour at the gym.

Please let this be a nightmare that I wake up from and back to my post-Kayden-breastfeeding days when I was svelt and even my close friends noticed that I was in better shape then than before pregnancy!

Dylan boy! You have turned your mummy into a chubby person who looks forever 5 months pregnant.


Help me please, anyone.


Anonymous said...



maryann koh said...

:P ok ok but you two eat like birds wahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem after I stopped bf for 2 and half years! I think is age as well as the fact that we still continue to eat as much as when we bf. I only started to lost weight abt 4kg when I got preggy becos of terrible morning sickness. I ate small meals and defintely cut down alot on carbo like rice. You can try eating smaller meals and less carbo and see if it works ;)

Jayne said...

haha I think you look great! But if you really want, try pilates. It helped me after I had Kate and I'm totally looking forward to going back to it after delivering this 3rd baby. Also helps with my backaches. No time is not an excuse!! :-) p.s. I hate running too.

JACQ said...

i know what you mean! i lost so much weight after Katie was born, mostly due to bfeeding and running about the 2 of them, but after the bfeeding stopped, i started putting on all the weight back on again! It was pretty depressing for awhile, then both me and v tried a 28-day detox diet. It seems to work! Although it really is pretty hardwork at first - no coffee, no carbs, not much food. But the first thing to change was the mindset and so far so good! Have lost all the tummy fats, and abt 1 kg to go before i reach my target pre-baby weight. :)

maryann koh said...

hey jayne, pilates sound like yoga, like not much "action", sure it can lose the flab?! introduce me to the school/gym :)

jacq, WAAAH! i hope you are not one of those who tell me abit about it then don't disclose which detox diet it is :p please share! can email me? thanks a million :)

June said...

Gosh I know exactly what you mean! I am still looking five months preggers after the same time period (your boys are each one month older than my boys I think). Clothes sizing also increased the same way as yours. Sama sama all the way man ;p