Friday, May 20, 2011

Straight to Mummy Jail!

Kayden has perfect teeth and Dylan at less than 3 years old has 4 teeth with decay!!! :(

As I write this, I'm still feeling the guilt of being a terrible mother. Many months ago, I noticed that he had some yellowish stains on his front teeth near the gums. Thinking that it was plague or tar tar, I scraped at them with my fingernails to try and remove them but to no avail. I researched the internet for some answers to the stubborn yellow stains and found out that they were actually early tooth decay! A pang of guilt surged through me as I look back to those nights when I was tired and lazy to brush his teeth, or when he protested to brushing them and I let it go. Now when he flashes me a sweet smile and I see evidence of my flawed parenting, my heart aches like it's been trampled on a hundred times and I can't say sorry enough to my little boy.

We were lucky to get an appointment immediately to see Dr Serene who happened to be a client last year with her newborn baby girl :) I half expected her to tell the nurse to call the police and arrest me for neglecting the dental health of my child but she assured me that it wasn't all that bad and is treatable. I was most concerned about whether Dyl needs to undergo GA for the treatment. Serene proved to be awesomely great with the kids and Kayden went through his check up and cleaning with no fuss :D Dylan reacted well to Serene as well but he didn't open his mouth long enough for treatment so Serene suggested we do it the following week to give him some time to warm up to the event. I was to psych him up for the next visit by reinforcing what a great job he did earlier, encouraging regular brushing and telling him that getting his teeth fix is painless etc :) Promises of toys helped as well haha! I owe him 2 Power Rangers now :s

Our second visit went really well this week! My brave little boy had one tooth filled and no GA was required (big phew!) :) Serene said we will do one tooth at a time so he doesn't get turned off by the treatments. Already he is looking forward to the next visit! Yesterday when I picked him up from school, he asked,"Are we going to take taxi to see Dr Serene?" :D Ok so I got off with a warning (from the husband) for this incident, the next time I commit another mistake, it will be off to Mummy Jail for me :-/

Dr Serene showing Dyl what she will be doing to his teeth

by doing it on his fingernail first

My brave boy!

Ok he stopped opening his mouth, so more demo and encouragement

checking out his decayed teeth

showing off his one filled tooth! 3 more to go over the next few weeks :p

some love for Dr Serene


Rosalind said...

Hi Maryann, would you kindly tell me where is the clinic of Dr Serene? My son also has one bad tooth! Sigh.. =_=

maryann koh said...

hi rosalind, sure! here's the contact :)

Dr Serene Wu
Ko Djeng Dental
tel: 62223163
12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village
Singapore 078878

it's behind Amara Hotel very near Tg Pagar MRT station.

Jason said...

Hi! Do you happen to know where Dr Serene is now? She's no longer at Icon and the staff there didn't know where she went..

maryann koh said...

hi Jason, Dr Serene has moved to a private clinic at Hougang Polyclinic. You can call 64897000 to make an appointment with her. She works on Monday - Friday 8am - 1pm, 2pm-4:30pm


Jason said...