Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elly Loves

Being a mother to boys, you quickly learn that there's not much clothes shopping you can do for them. Toys yes,
clothes hmmm... It's not really a problem for me as I am not a shopaholic but I know most of you mummies are!

So when the creators behind Elly (Carol and Audrey) contacted me for a studio shoot of their new collection, I was extremely excited because the latest range boasts of a BOYS collection! YES! No more looking at those websites of kids' clothing with pages and pages of pink frilly dresses that made you wish you had a daughter instead :s All of Elly's boy shirts are made from high quality imported fabrics and comes with cute and colourful prints that your little guy will just adore. Of course their dresses for girls are just as lovely, take a look at their Facebook page. They have a range of lovely toys too that I just have to get as props for our studio!

Errrm, being the thick-skinned mum that I am, I couldn't help asking them if my Dylan can be their model :p I showed them his past "modeling" photos from here and there and was elated when they said that they wanted to use him! :D The day before the shoot I kept psyching him up saying,"Baby, tomorrow you come to mummy's office then this aunty will give you a lot of nice shirts to wear, and then you must smile and pose for mummy is that ok?" Dylan,"OK mummy!" So what must you do again? "Smile and Pose"! He gave his trademark scrunchy faced smile and tilted his head to one side to show off a pose. This is gonna be a breeze I thought to myself.

WRONG!!! For the first half hour at least, he refused to cooperate, making me lose like 1/4 of my hair. Lots of promises of Angry Bird lanterns (he saw them downstairs while coming up to the studio) and Power Ranger toys later, he finally stepped onto the backdrop paper and "smiled and posed"! :D

Here are the pictures!

Hey don't kiss me I said! :D

The adorable Sophie!

Love this series with the car!

The very cheeky James :p

They kind of look alike right?!?

Hey! Your lolli is bigger than mine!

Dylan trying to stand like the octopus :)

Mia & Mona

I think Mona had the most fun!

and it's a WRAP!

By the way, Elly will be having a lovely little lantern party this sunday! We will be popping by and hope to see you there. Details below. Thank you again Carol and Audrey for letting The Studio Loft be a part of Elly! We wish you all the very best :)


Susan said...

The prints on the clothes are so adorable! But the models stole the show.
Can I find out where did you get the cardboard car from? Looks very fun for the kids. Thanks in advance!

maryann koh said...

hi susan, thanks for your kind comments on the kids! believe me it wasn't easy at all :p
as for the car, you can try ELC.

Debbie G said...

Hi Maryann, this is James' mummy here! Just wanted to say that the photographs of the kids are really awesome and I was really impressed at how quick you were on the trigger (and how patient you were with all of the kids milling about your studio and Touching Things). Can I talk to you about the pictures you have up on your site? The ones you have of James are so cool, and I'd really love copies! Please email me: nehsarang at yahoo dot com

maryann koh said...

hi debbie, thanks for your kind words! i replied you last week, not sure if you received my email, please check your spam as well, you can call us in the studio if you have any other questions 6235 3696, thanks :)