Monday, October 3, 2011

The Big One

So it's been a month since the big birthday party for the big one before he embarks on a new milestone to Primary School. Up till lately it hasn't hit me that he's going to school, a real school and soon! I've got like 3 months left with my big baby before he becomes a slave to the public education systerm. No more happy days off when grandpa decides to bring him to the zoo. No more vacations during off peak season, we now have to jostle with other families who have school going children. Oh and not to mention the early early mornings we have to get used to. So not looking forward :s

On the bright side, we do have 3 more months to go! I intend to spend a lot more time with Kay during this period. His 6th birthday was one event he has been so looking forward to. We decided to go all out, inviting all his classmates from school and other childhood friends. Heck I even made a trial cake in preparation for this party! He wanted a Beyblade theme, now that was mighty challenging. I got Yvonne jie jie (my ex intern) to draw Gingka, his favourite Beyblade character and composed him together with a photo I shot of him in the studio to complete his party invite :) It was a sports party and he chose two of his favourite sports, basketball and tennis. This was followed by a Beyblade tournament amongst the boys. I am sorry the girls were left out but they were busy eating the cupcakes anyway :p    

Below are some pictures from the party shot by Joanne jie jie. I beam just seeing how happy you were enjoying the company of your little friends :)

Son, if there's one word that can describe what I am feeling as I look at you now, it's pride. How you have matured into a sensible young man. Who would have guessed as you were an extremely demanding baby. You are not only a good son, you are a loving brother and grandson as well. We hope you will be a great student too! :) Here's to your last 3 months of kiddy freedom-hood and let's have fun! Happy 6th birthday Kay! We love you heaps! *smoooch*

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