Friday, January 27, 2012

Can't shoot wearing specs

I'm one of those who can't drive wearing shoes, can't work on my computer wearing a watch and I also cannot shoot wearing spectacles. Which is why you hardly see me in glasses unless it is after work or the weekends. I've been a contact lens wearer since I was a 14 year old teenager. It was life changing, I hated glasses. My myopia was -6.00 per eye and back then even with high index lenses, your spectacles will still be very thick, almost goggles-like :d So as you can imagine, I wore my contact lenses all the time. On a few occasions I even forget to take them off when I went to sleep. That's terrible I know.

Now as a photographer-who-cannot-shoot-wearing-spectacles and a mummy-to-two-rascals, my long wearing relationship with my contact lenses continue. I put them on first thing in the morning after I shower and I remove them in the night after my bath. That's around 12-16 hours. Pretty hardcore huh? But it can't be helped. I often experience dryness, on bad days blurred vision and generally really just very tired eyes. 

Recently I was introduced to Bausch + Lomb’s Biotrue multi-purpose solution. It is inspired by the biology of your eyes and formulated to work like your eyes. Being the only solution to bring together three bio-inspired innovations:
·      * Has a lubricant found naturally in your eyes which helps keep your lens moist for up to 20 hours
·       * Matches the pH of healthy tears thus promotes comfort upon lens insertion
·       * Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active to promote eye health and comfort

So I thought no harm giving this solution a try. At first I didn't notice any difference cause I was on leave that whole last week of 2011 and did not wear my contact lenses as long as I would have on a regular work day. But when 2012 came and my elder son started primary school, that was when I noticed major differences. You see, he is in the morning session and we have to get up at 550am to get him in school by 710am. Then after work, we will fetch the kids and be home around 6pm. After I shower around 8pm that's when I remove my contact lenses and if you count, that is like 14hours of continuous usage! With the previous solution and life before P1, I would be wearing the lenses from 8am onwards, so about 2 hours less than currently. But by 7-8pm, the dryness would have been unbearable already and my vision will be blurry. Last week I was wearing them for at least 14hours each day and when I took them out at night, my eyes were still pretty comfortable up till then.

I didn't feel any dryness of late. The contact lenses remain comfortable and my vision is still sharp. I guess lubrication of the eyes is very important and Biotrue helps.

Biotrue works! Get a free sample at and try this outstanding lens care solution for yourself! You will not be rubbing your eyes I swear! 

Retailing at $28 for a Twin Pack (300mL x 2 bottles). Available at leading optical shops island-wide.

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Madeline said...

Oh me too! I can't drive with shoes or type with a watch too! :)