Sunday, May 13, 2012


Most ladies I know would perk up at the word SHOPPING! But not me. Since Dylan was born, I have not been able to lose the baby bulge and I now wear two dress sizes bigger than before. Nothing looks good on me when I am in the fitting room thus shopping has become ZERO fun (hey! I'm sounding like most of the husbands out there). If I do shop, it's for my kids or I'm at the supermarket. Yup! You know you have attained "Aunty" status when you would rather shop for groceries than clothes :D

Anyway, you can imagine my apprehensive excitement when Esprit invited me to go on a shopping spree this Mother's Day with my kids at their Liat Towers store with a personal stylist to boot! Oh wow! Me? They must not have seen me before I thought LOL! And hmmm, I wasn't aware that Esprit has a kids range! You must think I live in a farm far far away but seriously I haven't been shopping, and even when I do, it's all done online.

Ok, so I walked into the store and was greeted and introduced to my Esprit stylist Peiling. I wasn't sure what to expect and tried my best to look trendy (ya right! in my daily shorts and tee!) but who am I kidding! Haha! Thank goodness Peiling was a pleasant girl, wasn't pushy at all and gave me lots of suggestions while I picked out clothes for my sons and myself. She took note of my problem areas (read: 5months pregnant looking tummy and fat arms) and my occupation and selected appropriate outfits for me to try. There were a couple of times when I thought nah, that colour/style wouldn't work on me but she insisted I try it and what do you know? It was lovely on me! I even got myself a jumpsuit which I never thought I could carry off but it worked and that ended up being my favourite of the lot! Yay for Peiling's discerning eye :)

Back when I was of school-going age, Esprit was a brand synonymous with the young. We saved our pocket money for weeks just so to buy that rectangular drawstring bag with the ESPRIT logo on it (oops! now you know how old I am :p). I never thought that now, as a mother of two young children, I would still be able to shop at Esprit! Not only for me, but for the kids as well. Walking around the Liat Towers store, I noticed that Esprit also retails footwear, handbags, bodywear, belts and accessories. So really, you can get an entire outfit (top to toe) all at one stop. For someone who don't really like to shop, that really appeals to me :)

Do stop by an Esprit store the next time you are out shopping and check out their smart, affordable and stylish apparel for the entire family. Yup, they have clothes for daddys too! I'll update in another post pictures of the boys and myself in our Esprit gear but meantime, here are some shots I took during our shopping spree :)

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