Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chairity - Arts & Design against Cancer

Have I caught your attention with the above picture? It's a shot I took a few weeks back of actor-deejay Bobby Tonelli as The Thinker. The past few days I have lost count of the number of questions directed to me by clients and friends who have seen the image on newspapers and The Studio Loft's facebook, asking from the innocent "What was it like shooting your first male nude?" to the more cheeky "Did you see it?!" Haha!

I was rather intrigued that of all the four shots I took for this project, it was this one that garnered the most attention, even more so than the other nude shot of Linda Black as Venus. That got me thinking, would there be as much hype if the model was say Moses Lim? (Ok bad visual but you get what I mean.) I doubt it. That's the difference with cancer, whether you are male or female, fat or thin, beautiful or plain, black or white, young or old, there will be no discrimination with this disease. It can happen to you.

Do you know that cancer is the number one killer disease in Singapore? One in four Singaporean dies of cancer.

The Singapore Cancer Society is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural 'Chairity - Arts & Design against Cancer' campaign, an initiative by local design furniture company Back Rest.

It is the first and one-of-a-kind collaborative effort by 30 Singapore-based artists, designers and media personalities who have come together to express their interpretation of cancer using the Louis Armchair as a canvas. Based on the theme of Empathy, Sacrifice, Love, Support and Dedication, each designer tells his/her own cancer story through an exclusive design. Hence every chair is unique. The chairs are available for pledging to the public at an exhibition next month.

Celebrities such as Bobby Tonelli, Linda Black and Angel Teo have also come together to support this arts and design campaign as they front art inspired posters of famous artworks - to engage the public to give thought to and support cancer awareness.

Paula Robinson as The Mona Lisa

Angel Teo as Rosie The Riverter (shot by Zurina)

Bobby Tonelli as The Thinker

Linda Black as The Birth of Venus

Please help in this cause by sharing the details below. Thank you! And if you must know, the answer is no. Of course Bobby was properly covered and in the pose till we photographers were ready to take the shot. What were you thinking? :p

Public Exhibition:

The Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) – Showcase 35 Chairs

red dot museum, 28 Maxwell Road

Date :
Friday, 1st June (One Day Event)

5pm – Midnight




Send cheque to Singapore Cancer Society and mention Chairity Project

Duration of Pledging

·         Now till End June / subject to availability of chairs
·         Minimum pledge 3.5k
(As Singapore Cancer Society is an approved IPC, your donation minus the cost of the chair, is also eligible for tax exemption.)

To Pledge for Chair and view the catalogue of the commissioned chairs available for pledging

Please contact Vanessa Loh at 6421 5861 / 9799 6664 /

*Chairs subject to availability

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