Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bolinhos de Maryann

Inspired by the other mummy bloggers who have been cooking up a storm of late, i decided to try a dish from Mei, an ex-client who lives in France with a chef hubby and a cute daughter!

She calls it Bolinhos de Bacalhau (codfish balls) but because i was too lazy to go buy fresh cod, i used canned tuna instead kekeke and she said i couldn't call them Bolinhos de Bacalhau anymore so here i present to you, Bolinhos de Maryann!

You can get the original recipe from Mei's blog, below is my "anyhow hantum" version :p

Bolinhos de Maryann (tuna balls)

1 can of tuna
2-3 potatoes
2 eggs
1 small onion
chopped parsley / peppercorns

1. Fry onions and peppercorns with tuna
2. In the meantime, boil potatoes till soft
3. Mash with fork
4. Mix the tuna with the potatoes, 2 beaten eggs, chopped parsley & a pinch of salt
5. Set mixture aside for 30 mins
6. Shape into balls & fry till golden brown.

Serve with an ice cold beer.

Note: i found the mixture a bit wet to shape so maybe i put in too little tuna or should i reduce the egg to just 1? help me analyse Mei! ;)


petite fleur said...

Maryann, They look really good. Not sure why it's wet. Make sure you drain the potatoes & tuna properly before mashing or adding them to the mixture.

The egg is actually to "hold" the mixture. Or you can do it this way. Leave the egg out of the mixture. Once you've formed the balls, roll them in the beaten egg then bread crumbs, this might help in holding the shape better.

But they look pretty good the way they are. How does it taste ?

maryann koh said...

ah i see! i used the juices from the canned tuna so maybe that's why.

i think i didn't put enough salt so it wasn't very tasty, but the next day i put a little more and they were great. will try the vegetarian version next time.

thanks again mei :)

petite fleur said...

The original recipe uses salted cod which is already salty enough so I don't add salt. But you'll have to add it if you're using something else.

I'm thrilled that you tried this. Hope it will turned out better the next time.