Thursday, April 10, 2008

The dreaded glucose test

here I am at the hospital (surfing on wireless with my new toy, the iPhone - a gift from the hubby) for the glucose test. it's actually a blood and urine test for gestational diabetes. How I dread this as it's quite a lengthy procedure. Starts the night before, you have to fast and not drink anything from midnight onwards. then once you get here, they give you a bottle for your first urine sample. hmmm, having not drunk anything since 10pm last night, this was a bit tricky. I managed to get a trickle ;p after discreetly passing the lab nurse my sample, she made me sit down and the first of 3 blood samples was drawn from my left arm. I always look away but today I decided to have a peek. they now have some outer plastic cover over the needle and syringe so I can't see the blood being drawn... how clever. next, I was given a bottle of a very sweet orange drink which I was to consume in front of her. this was chicken feet to me as I have a sweet tooth. not the case for the lady who was before me. she was still struggling through the first half of her drink as I reach the end of mine ;) nurse named me "the champion for today"! then she gave me my "prize", two more plastic containers for the next two urine samples :( one to be given an hour after the orange drink (that's why I am sitting around now writing this entry till the hour has passed) and the other another hour later after she has drawn the second blood sample.

Yawn!!! it's almost time for the second urine sample, will update on the results later.

<<< 3hours later >>>

Ok results are within the normal range and i do not have gestational diabetes so whoo hoo! i don't have to watch my diet :p

#2 is now almost 2kg at 31weeks, looks like another big one! his head is up though, hope he will turn in the next few weeks. *fingers crossed*

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