Friday, April 25, 2008

Last working day for The Studio Loft @ Devonshire

It didn't hit me till the last client left today. As i waved bye bye, i realised hey! this will be the last client at Devonshire Road for The Studio Loft. Kind of sad after we've been here for 2 years. But the rental increase is really too high for me to continue operating from these premises, so we have to move.

Monday will be packing day, Tuesday the movers will bring our stuff to Pagoda Street and then Wednesday will be the headache of unpacking everything. Gosh, i am dreading this. How i wish i am rich enough to stay in a big house with a photo studio built in, no more being at the mercy of greedy landlords and real estate agents. *Dream dream dream*

Here are some photos of the place in all it's pre-move messy glory!

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