Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's my 37th week and baby is still in breech position! I did my own research on the internet and tried some of the suggestions to help baby turn such as
1. Crawl on all fours with back straight/parallel to the ground, then let forehead go down to floor level resting on arms.
2. Shine a light where you want baby's head to be positioned. Apparently babies in the womb are attracted to light and will turn towards it.
3. Play some LOUD headbanging music where you think baby's head is, to irritate him to move away! ha! this one's funny :p

Anyway i didn't try the last suggestion. Not sure if the first two works but #1 almost always guarantees lots of movement from baby which gave me hope! However the next morning i still feel that his head is up near my rib cage. Arrrgh! What a bummer.

If he doesn't turn by friday which is my appointment with my OB, she said she will try and turn him. After the turn, a CTG will be ordered and if the baby shows signs of distress, then it's straight to the delivery ward! So scarey! I am so so not prepared as i still have shoots lined up till end of May :(

Also, i don't think Erwin is prepared too. The big brother Kayden however seems to know! Since Saturday, he has slept in his own bed every night! He had only ever slept in his bed twice before and that was after much coaxing. But on Saturday night, he just suddenly announced to us, as he dragged his pillow and "chou chou" to the bed, that he was going to sleep there! We thought it will just be that one odd night but he has kept it up since ;) We rejoice to more space for us on the bed after more than 2.5years! :D


Anonymous said...

Oh... Variel was breech too. I did try something on your point no 1. Just that I didn't crawl but stay in that position with my head down for 10mins everyday. The web site say shld be doing twice a day but I didn't hv time to do so. I also chat with the little one, told her let mummy save money to buy more toys for her. Finally she did turn down. Ling

maryann koh said...

hey ling, didn't know variel was breech! i tried the head down position but couldn't last beyond a couple of minutes :p