Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

It's my 3rd Mother's Day as a mother last sunday. I cannot recall what we did the previous year, but for the first one, our small family of 3 had dinner and cake. This year since i was pregnant, we thought it would be quite nice if we took some family shots before the new addition comes next month.

Using the tripod as a photographer turned out to be a very bad idea! And Erwin was a terrible photographer as well hahaha! Kayden was having a ball and surprisingly cooperative, i think he really likes the Pagoda St studio and was very cheerful :)

Anyway, here are some of the photos. I didn't do many Bloom shots as I was feeling quite bloated and uncomfortable. However i tried to do some shots that other pregnant women will not do, for example JUMP! :P shhh, don't tell my obstetrician!


Ozzie said...

nice shots yummy mummy!! K is so happy here, Pagoda studio is giving out good vibes :)

Erwin is not that bad la. Heh, you should have held a skipping rope in the jumping shot, now that will truly freaked your OB!! kekekek

Stanley Koh said...

The jumping shot taken by Erwin???!!! That's a GREAT shot!

Who says pregant woman cannot jump!!!!


maryann koh said...

Haha, i had to crop the one of me jumping with kayden as i looked horrible in it. The last jumping shot was after the 3rd attempt as i couldn't get my feet high enough off the ground for the first 2 attempts.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Tha jump with Kayden really looks great. I mighty like it!

monozygotic said...

Gosh! I held my breath when I saw the last 2 pics! You seriously JUMPED!!! The last one was a great shot, nonetheless. :)

maryann koh said...

tsu lin and monozygotic, thanks!

i tried to access your profiles to see who you both are but i still have no clue, care to enlighten me? :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Oh Hi Maryann,

Should've introduced myself, I came from one of the blogs (I don't remember which one now)... blog-hopping.