Saturday, May 3, 2008

How to make your 2 days 1 night vacation go the mile - Bring your toddler along

hahaha, you probably would have guessed from the title that it was not such a great holiday for us three! kay was having a fever that lasted till we got home on sunday evening. he refused to eat anything solid throughout except sunday's breakfast he had some fruitloops with milk. each mealtime was a torturous time for erwin and me :S

BUT, the swimming was great! in the pool that is! he was having a great time in the Clubmed Bintan pool but when we tried bringing him to the beach, man oh man, that boy was terrified of the waves and refused to step on the sand! which is really strange becoz he was fine with the beach when he was younger. looking at the photos now, it's quite hilarious to see his scrunched up face and upward turned toes in contrast to jaeden's smiling happy self sitting on the sand with the waves coming at him.

check out that terrified face and curled toes :(

then minutes later, the happy boy in the pool!

torture on the beach! i swear that is kay's middle finger pointing at me! (the shadow)

Chilling with Daddy in the room

Dancing on the bed

it truly was a disastrous first vacation but we learnt from this experience and i am determined that the next one will be super! :)

thanks Ik Hui for getting this trip organised, you're so lucky to have a vacation loving toddler!


Ozzie said...

Hi Maryann,

Wow, your pics of Bintan are way nicer than those taken with my sa-gua camera. Poor K, it's really Murphy's Law that he had to fall sick during his 1st holiday. I'm sure his future ones will be much better - provided you stay clear of the beach, hahaha

Aiya - J is a seasoned beachgoer by now, initially he was just like K & screams blue murder if he gets a single grain of sand in his sandals :s And hor, you should say he's the lucky one, to have a mummy that loves to bring him for vacation :D!!

maryann koh said...

eh please la, i love your beach shots of J! think your p&s camera really quite good! i will print some of J's photos and pass to you.

oh i showed K the photos and he's so funny, i asked him want to go swimming again? he looked at the crying shot of him on the beach and said,"Don't want sand, want to go swimming, don't want beach." then the photo of just his feet on the sand he went,"Eeeeee!" hahahaha, i can't stop laughing. that bugger still can remember! :p

i really hope he can be a seasoned beachgoer like J soon! will try and bring him to East Coast or Sentosa more often.

yes your lucky boy, travels everywhere :)