Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loft International

This afternoon I had my first Brazillian client which got me thinking back to the other international clients I've had over the past 2 years. Apart from Singaporeans, The Studio Loft has shot Aussie, French, American, Swiss, Swedes, Danish, Icelandic, British, Welsh, Italian, Russian, Dutch, German, Canadian, Belgium, Fijian, Kiwi, Slovakian, Irish, Mauritian, Balinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Sri Lankan and now Brazillian clients :) How diverse! This goes to show the number of expats here in Singapore. I heard they make up 1/3 of our population, amazing!

edited on 21 Aug :
Agisa and family came for their shoot today and they are from the Maldives, making them my first Maldivian client :P

edited on 16 Sep :
Simonetta and her turkish hubby came for their Bloom shoot today, they both met in Germany and yes, her hubby (sorry i didn't ask for your name!) is our first turkish client! :D

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momoechan said...

yah, it's thanks for the foreign talent scheme which the govt is doing, we've become a mini melting pot