Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just like a book

The Studio Loft's albums have always been of classic designs and materials. We offer shatung silk, suede, vinyl and leather coverings with a window on the cover for a picture. I decided to try something new for our coffeetable books. This is called the photowrap cover, comes in matt or gloss finish. Personally I prefer the matt. Matt finish prone to scratches, glossy finish prone to fingerprints, so see which you can live with :p We customise the design to your preference. This cover is an optional item at $70.


Anonymous said...

May i know where can i get this done?

maryann koh said...

errr, may i know who you are? can i say it's a trade secret? ;)

J.H said...

I really love your picture, hope you don't mind if I tag you :-)
Will be visiting more often!


maryann koh said...

of course i don't mind. thanks for dropping by jessica :)