Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Turning 8

Little Dylan boy is now 8 months old
Two more teeth now peek from his gums above making him a cranky soul

He crawls on all fours around the studio like he's king
Stopping to stand by holding onto any sturdy thing

This little boy will have you know that you are friend or foe
By allowing (or not) you to hold

He flashes you the sweetest smile and chuckles too
When you are someone he loves and wants a cuddle with

His afternoons of 3 hour naps
Are now replaced by longer attention spans

Everyday with him brings joy to my life
He is my lovely cutie pie


. brenda . said...

Nice (=

Angela said...

Love this shot of him...sooo cute and sweet...and that dimple... ooohhhh...

maryann koh said...

thanks ladies! :)
looks are deceiving, he can be quite a monster sometimes ;)