Friday, May 1, 2009

Dylan Walks!

On Wednesday evening, 12 days shy of his 11th month, Dylan decided that he will walk! Yes, just like that, he removed his hands from the coffeetable and started to walk 5 steps towards me! Kayden and I started clapping and shouting HURRAY! that Dylan too started to clap for himself :D What joy! At his next attempt, I hurriedly whipped out my iPhone and captured the moment. Would love to upload the video here but I can't seem to download it from the phone :s Anyway it's full of my voice screaming praises at him bwahahaha!

The next day, he couldn't stop walking and did it the whole day! So pleased he was with himself, I have to take a picture of that smirky glee on his face :)

Then today I managed to get him walking recorded on the Lumix. See video below for the cutest penguin+duck walk ever :D

Time to do some shoe shopping for my baby :)

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Brenda said...

Congrats! and he's so cute!!